Lighting sales analysis of lighting store


Market analysis:

Target market: home users

At present, more than 90% of the lighting products are sold through storefront stalls in the building materials market. Building materials supermarkets and brand franchise chain stores are limited by the operating area and lighting accessories. It is difficult to meet the demand for consumer intensive selection, and the share is small; the national production of LVD induction lamp products There are many producers, but the prices are different, it can be said that it is very chaotic, and some manufacturers shoddy, the price is very low, the quality is very poor, from the price of the product is indeed very competitive and tempting, no After-sales service guarantee. Our store operates LVD stepless lamps produced by Shanghai Hongyuan Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd., which mainly has first-class quality and long life (100,000 hours, which is more than 10 times that of ordinary light sources.), high efficiency and energy saving (can replace energy saving applications) More than 30%.), high luminous efficiency (compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, saving 90%, saving 75% compared with high-pressure gas discharge lamps. Saving 50% compared with compact fluorescent lamps.), more environmentally friendly (no stroboscopic, random switch, no mercury Pollution.), reasonable price, perfect after-sales service system guarantee, LVD Promise Lighting products have become the best choice for high-efficiency energy-saving light sources, with very good development scenarios.

    Product Analysis: LVD Promise luminaire products have significant advantages: long life, high luminous efficiency, high power factor, stable luminous flux output, high reliability, high color rendering, low harmonic content, low temperature fast start, wide color temperature range Instant restart, no stroboscopic and no glare, so it can bring the following benefits to users: high efficiency and energy saving, reduced lamp replacement cost, and greatly reduced maintenance costs. LVD Promise luminaire products fully comply with domestic and international standards such as CCC, UL, CE, FCC, SON, KETI, etc. Various series and models of LVD Promise luminaire products can fully satisfy commercial indoor or outdoor, industrial, social public institutions and public infrastructure. illumination. When incandescent lamps are banned in countries around the world, they will become the most popular energy-saving products in the international lighting market.

Product strategy: The so-called product strategy means that when a company develops a business strategy, it must first determine what products and services the company can provide to meet the requirements of consumers, that is, to solve product strategy problems. It is the basis of the marketing mix strategy. In a certain sense, the key to the success and development of the company lies in the degree to which the product meets the needs of consumers and whether the product strategy is correct or not. The products here refer to the services in the form of non-materials, that is, the transfer of physical products and the corresponding auxiliary services in the transfer process.

After the company’s product marketing strategy is determined, the company adopts a series of specific marketing strategies for the product itself. It mainly includes specific implementation strategies for trademarks, brands, packaging, product portfolios, and product life cycles. The company’s product strategy is an important part of its marketing mix strategy.

Product strategy is a series of measures and means used by enterprises to produce and sell products in order to gain advantages in the fierce market competition, including product mix strategy, product differentiation strategy, new product development strategy, brand strategy and product life. Cycle application strategy. .

      The continuous expansion of the extension of modern enterprise products is due to the complication of consumer demand and the fierce competition. In the case of the convergence of the core functions of the products, who can meet the needs of the complex interests of consumers faster, more and better, who can own the consumer, occupy the market and gain a competitive advantage. Constantly expanding the extension of products has become the focus of modern enterprise product competition. Consumers’ expectation value for products increasingly includes the services they provide, the quality of enterprise personnel and the “comprehensive value” of the overall image of the company. . At present, the product competition of enterprises in developed countries is concentrated on the level of additional products, while the competition of products of enterprises in developing countries is mainly concentrated on the level of expected products. If the products are the same in the core interests, but the services provided by the additional products are different, they may be viewed by consumers as two different products, which will result in two distinct sales situations. The famous American management scientist Levitt once said: “The new competition is not the products manufactured in the factory, but the packaging outside the factory can provide packaging, service, advertising, consulting, financing, delivery or customer value. Other things.”

Analysis on the Status Quo of Marketing Channel Management of Home Lighting Enterprises

Today, when the terminal wins, the channel is the lifeline of an enterprise. The ideal channel network model will be a marketing logistics distribution center led by a leading enterprise with leadership and appeal in various industries in a region. It will integrate various advantages into one: capital advantage, storage advantage, brand advantage, talent advantage, capacity advantage, management advantage, network advantage, reputation advantage, public relations advantage, etc., forming the minimum cost, maximizing advantage and standardization of operation. The lighting industry channels are very complex, with wholesale channels, engineering channels, replacement channels, retail channels, OEM channels and so on. Among them, engineering channels and replacement channels are mainly for industrial lighting products. At present, domestic lighting companies mainly adopt dealer structure, which mainly includes provincial distributors (or operation centers), municipal distributors or distributors, county-level distributors and township distributors, and most of them are private enterprises. The operating status is backward, the business philosophy is relatively old, mostly for business, and there are few traders. In addition, the dealers’ control of the terminal is generally insufficient, so whoever seizes the terminal can occupy the market. At present, most of the lighting companies that have done a good job in the channel are relatively well-known brands in China. They can also be said to be more successful brands, such as Op Lighting, TCL Lighting, NVC Lighting, and Sanxiong Aurora. Although from the current competitive performance, the price is the decisive factor in the competition, from the perspective of brand operation, no matter how the channel is crucial, it is also the key to determining the growth and success of a brand. It is also the basis for branding. However, a large number of similar products cannot bring more market advantages at present. The price is not a major problem for brand operation, and can only be used as a market measurement index and market competition means. Channel construction and product planning are an important part of the company’s long-term brand strategy, and the lifeblood of brand building and career development.

From the perspective of the distribution channel of the lighting industry, the lighting enterprise channel model is developing in the following aspects:

1. Turn the long, chaotic channel network into a flat, vertical channel network. For example, energy-saving lamps and other light source companies have strengthened their direct control terminals through deep distribution in the community. Products such as Opt and NVC are developing hardware channels, KA channels and daily channels.

2. Using the direct sales model, the gradual establishment of its own network will become a trend of channels. Through the establishment of sales branches in various places, the development of lighting project franchisees, lighting products stores and other forms to increase the development of the terminal market.

3. The professional lighting, the franchise, and the monopoly chain are gradually developing, which is also the main development trend of the lighting enterprise channel.

4. Home lighting design related departments will become the guide of future consumption. Such as: design institutes, decoration companies, lighting associations, construction bureaus, street lighting bureaus, planning bureaus, architectural institutes, etc. This group can directly influence the choice of users, and they can greatly enhance the influence of the brand on the local area. The role of promotion and word of mouth propaganda.

Promotion strategy:

The core of the promotion work is information communication.

    The purpose of the promotion is to trigger and stimulate consumers to purchase.

    There are two types of promotion methods: sales of personnel and sales of non-staff. Sales of personnel are direct sales, suitable for markets with a small number of consumers and relatively concentrated; non-person sales are indirect sales.

        The main promotion methods that directly increase sales are: gift promotion, joint promotion (win-win promotion), discount promotion

The main promotion methods for enhancing brand image are: direct promotion, event promotion, newspaper essay promotion, service promotion, and competition promotion.

     In fact, there are no obvious differences between the two major categories of promotion activities. If the promotion of sales promotion is good, it will help to maintain the brand image. If the promotion of brand image promotion can really attract consumers, it will inevitably bring sales. Upgrade. The difference between the two may be more in the immediate and long-term relationship. The regional markets can not only pay attention to the immediate interests but excessive use of sales promotion. The transitional use of such promotions will weaken the brand image and reduce the value of the goods. , affecting the realization of long-term marketing goals. On the other hand, although the brand promotion is not obvious to the sales promotion at the event site or in the short term, if the promotion is well combined with the characteristics of the product during the operation, it will guide the consumer and improve the brand awareness. It plays a prominent role in enhancing the brand image of Noci, which is especially evident in the new development market.

     The promotion forms in this template are divided into two categories: sales promotion and brand image enhancement. Each regional market can be selected according to the actual situation of the local area, and can organize individual activities, or combine different promotional small modules to merge and promote activities. The specific content can also be flexibly adjusted according to local conditions.

Terminal indoor promotion template

The terminal promotion site layout can also be called the atmosphere package. Nowadays, many merchants attach great importance to the promotion site layout. Their role in the highly competitive terminal must not be ignored. It creates a pleasant shopping, appreciation environment, beautiful visual effect, and brings out the company/commodity taste, strength and image. , plays a larger role in shopping guide. In the modern sense, terminal arrangements in various forms are moving towards an experiential trend of life, stage, and park. Strengthening on-site layout From another level, it is to strengthen terminal advertising, strengthen on-site packaging, and further refine the promotion activities. How to arrange a promotion site has become a matter of learning.

General store promotion packaging needs to pay attention to:

1. The store should be clean and hygienic, and the goods, POP, etc. should be placed according to the terminal layout specifications. The main push product should be placed in a conspicuous position, preferably in the store, the checkout, the checkout counter, etc.

       2. Personnel packaging: The promoters should dress uniform, wear neatly, and be generous.

      3. Display of goods: The display of goods should be concentrated, and the text description must be unified. There must be promotional materials such as licensing, POP or hanging flags, focusing on packaging, highlighting the main products and image goods.

      4. Place a promotional poster at the entrance of the store with a poster frame, hang the banner on the door, conditionally place the arch, hang a banner in the street near the store or insert a knife flag in the road fence to arrange the theme street. The promoters distribute the product leaflets and event leaflets to each customer who enters the store, and introduce them to the company/product and event information.

5. The goods should be prepared adequately, and the specifications and models of the goods should be the best, so as to avoid the phenomenon of out of stock and affect sales.

     Promotional template example

First, discount sales

      Definition: A means of promotion in which a customer purchases a product at a discount or discounted price below the price of the sign. (Discounts or discounts, discounts are a sales promotion method that damages the company’s brand and the goods themselves, so it is prudent to operate, not to be used frequently. If you use it frequently, many of the prices may be restored. Consumers simply can’t accept it, and it hurts the company. Interest.)

      Second, the gift promotion

    Definition: A means of promotion that gives a preferential treatment when a customer purchases a product.

Promotional strategy is one of the basic strategies of marketing mix. Promotion strategy refers to how companies can deliver product information to consumers or users through various promotion methods such as personnel sales, advertising, public relations and business promotion, attracting their attention and interest, stimulating their purchasing desires and purchasing behaviors. Expand the purpose of sales. Enterprises will pass the appropriate products, information sold at the right place and at the right price to the target market, usually through two methods: one is personnel sales, that is, the salesman and the customer are selling face to face; the other is the non-person Selling, that is, transmitting information to a large number of customers at the same time through the mass media, mainly including advertising, public relations and business promotion. These two methods of promotion have their own advantages and disadvantages and play a complementary role. In addition, catalogues, announcements, giveaways, store labels, displays, demonstrations, exhibitions, etc. are also part of the promotional strategy. A good promotion strategy can often play a multi-faceted role, such as providing information, guiding procurement in a timely manner, stimulating purchase desires, expanding product demand, highlighting product characteristics, establishing product image, maintaining market share, and consolidating market position.

   International marketing is classified into seven promotion strategies:

1, promotion

      2, personnel promotion

      3. Advertising

4. Business promotion

      5. Integrated marketing communication

      6. Internet communication and online marketing

      7. Public relations