About ANC

—-Customer Case—

We cooperate closely with design companies and decoration companies. Successfully provide complete lighting customization services and solution to Langham Hotel, Regent Singapore A Four Season Hotel, etc. If customers need, we can send 1-2 skilled workers to assist in the installation. The lamp body is guaranteed for 10 years, and the light source is guaranteed for 3-5 years.

It is our honor to be able to cooperate with prestigious institutions from all over the world and to be recognized by clients. We can serve from large-scale hospitality projects to custom one-off residential designs.

 —-Why Choose Us—

Committed to providing complete customized lighting solutions. Since its establishment in 2003, ANC has more than 17 years of lamp manufacturing experience. In this process, a professional lamp manufacturing team has been created, with skilled workers, designers who are good at improving the structure of lamps and make lamps with better lighting effects, lower cost, and safer.

We have 5 QCs, from the raw material inspection to the light source, the whole lamp test is very strict.

A large number of commonly used design lamps are in stock, ready to ship.