Bespoke Lighting

Manufacturer of custom lighting since 2003. Producing lamps from your concept. An company, ANC produces a broad and comprehensive range of chandelier, pendant lamp, Hospitality Lighting,ceiling lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, table lamp and offers custom lighting all over China. All the lamps carry individual product certifications.

Hospitality Lighting

Hospitality Lighting is mainly installed at the lobby entrance, main hall, service desk and rest area. The lighting in this area should be consistent, using warm-colored light sources, and through brightness contrast, an interesting, 

continuous, undulating light-to-dark transition is formed to create an overall warm and pleasant atmosphere.

Hospitality lamps can use energy-saving downlights to provide basic functional lighting. In addition, indirect lighting can also be used. T4 and T5 lamps are concealed in the recessed structure of the ceiling. 

The spatial hierarchy of this area is enriched by the lighting of the ceiling structure. Feel and make a good first impression on customers.custom lighting

Stair Lighting

FP10018 Custom Diameter 2.5 M Large Round Golden Chandelier
FP10740 Bespoke Large Chandelier With White Outer Shell Inner Gold Shell

FP10740 custom lighting Large Chandelier With White Outer Shell And Inner Gold Shell

The layout style of the stairwell largely depends on the arrangement of the stair lighting. Different styles of stair lights have different arrangements.If the stairs in the home are decorated with a semi-spiral minimalist European style, the design of the lamps can be selected according to the color of the wall wallpaper in the stairwell.The arrangement and installation of stair lighting is not just about installing light fixtures on the ascending part of the stairs. For large-sized villas, the stairway also lacks the decoration of lamps. Matching with the decorative design of the aisle wall, the spotlight design embedded in the ceiling can not only highlight the decorative effect of the aisle wall, but also match the lighting design of the entire ceiling space. We are a professional stair custom lighting light manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us!

Custom Lighting

Custom Lighting include bespoke chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps, etc. Consumers tend to “thing different” consumption concept, not just satisfied with the popular standard lamps; 

so the application scenarios of Custom Lighting are very widely used: residences, luxury villas, hotels, restaurants and so on. It’s like a screen saver for your phone, looking forward to being different and showing your personality.

Project Cases

Chandeliers are inextricably linked with historical buildings. With over 20 years of experience, we know how to create chandeliers that respect any building’s rich history.

state of the art manufacturing facilities and the largest production capacity in China, lighting manufactures products to international quality standards and caters to customer demands by ensuring timely delivery and providing exceptional service.


Custom-made lighting according to photos, samples or CAD

Custom Lighting

Design Flexibility: Custom lighting provides the freedom to design and create lighting fixtures that align with the overall aesthetic and style of a space. Clients can collaborate with lighting designers, architects, or manufacturers to develop lighting solutions that complement the interior design, architectural elements, and branding of a residential or commercial project.


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