Why do restaurants dim lights

12 common mistakes in lighting design

12 common mistakes in lighting design

Does lighting illuminate the space so that we can see all around us clearly?

A dark space without lights makes people feel insecure and inconvenient, but why do we still feel uncomfortable in a very bright space, where is the problem?

In the face of daily lighting misunderstandings, choosing the right light source, lighting method and configuration can solve all the problems.

1.The higher the wattage, the higher the brightness!

When buying a light bulb, I always don’t know how to choose. There are many physical products on display in the store. I want to choose a brighter light bulb. Is the light bulb with a higher wattage value brighter?


Understand the packaging information of lamps and lanterns, master the demand without spending money

Early incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps can roughly use the wattage value to judge the brightness. The higher the wattage, the more power required, and the brighter the bulb. In recent years, due to the development of LEDs, the same brightness (lumen value), incandescent lamps may require a small 85W of power, but LED lamps only need 12W, so using wattage to judge the brightness of the bulb is no longer in line with the demand, the most correct should be directly from the packaging. The marked lumen value (lumen) shall prevail.


2.Because of the consideration of energy saving, the so-called “power saving light bulb” was selected, but no electricity was saved!

Corresponding to energy saving and environmental protection, it also saves electricity costs at home. I went to the store to buy products with the words “energy saving light bulbs” printed, and planned to replace all the light bulbs in the house, but actually did not save much electricity, why?


Whether a light bulb saves electricity is based on “luminous efficiency,” which is the amount of light it emits per watt of electricity.

Luminous efficiency refers to the luminous flux output per 1W of electricity consumed by the light source, and the unit is lm/W. The higher the luminous efficiency, the higher the efficiency of converting electrical energy into light, that is, the less electrical energy is consumed to emit the same luminous flux. Therefore, when choosing a truly energy-saving light bulb, the luminous efficiency value should be used as the final judgment standard. As for the common energy-saving light bulbs with special tube shapes, they are a type of fluorescent lamps. Compared with incandescent lamps, they can indeed be called “power-saving light bulbs”, but today their luminous efficiency is not necessarily higher than that of LEDs.

3.I want to make the home bright enough, but there are too many lights, and some are not even used!

In addition to the main light to brighten the space, indirect lights are also used as lighting to adjust the atmosphere. I was afraid that it would be too dark and installed a few more spotlights on the ceiling. The lights will also turn on together, which is not only inconvenient but also consumes power. So how should the design be better when decorating?


Distinguish accent lighting and auxiliary lighting, and properly plan the circuit design so that the lights can be turned on separately.

Home lighting planning must first consider the design of natural light sources, and arrange appropriate accent lighting and auxiliary lighting according to space attributes, so that auxiliary lighting can be presented, and a complete lighting design can be presented. Generally speaking, the space without windows or far away from the space is often darker. Therefore, the light can be configured so that the incident optical fiber is vertical, and different circuit planning can be done, so that the lights can be turned on row by row in a row.


4.Use yellow light to create an atmosphere of the kitchen, but can’t see clearly when cooking?

The working area uses white light with a color temperature of about 5000K, and the leisure area uses yellow light with a color temperature of about 3000K. Generally speaking, the choice of yellow light or white light is not necessarily better. It is mainly based on human visual senses. However, if it is an area that emphasizes work or safety considerations, such as: kitchen, study, bathroom, etc., it is recommended that the best Choose white light, the line of sight is brighter and clearer. For the kitchen, in addition to the general lighting of the ceiling, recessed lights or light strips can be installed under the cabinets to enhance the accent lighting of the cooking area.


5.There is no light source or there is a weak light source in the house late at night, and the elderly at home can’t see clearly when they wake up in the middle of the night?

Enhance accent lighting in specific areas, make good use of sensor lights and double-cut switches. If there are elderly people living together at home, due to the gradual deterioration of their vision, physical strength, balance, and hearing, we can see weak light sources, which is actually insufficient for the elderly. Therefore, in terms of lighting configuration, indoor brightness is the most basic requirement. Double-cut lights should be installed in the room and the bedside for easy use, and an induction night light should be placed on the moving line to avoid tripping items when walking at night. and injured.


6.A lot of spotlights are installed to brighten the reading space, but I didn’t expect that reading would be uncomfortable?

Install lamps with homogeneous light sources, preferably diffuse light sources, supplemented by lamps such as desk lamps as key lighting, and pay attention to glare problems. Functional spaces have a high demand for lighting, such as a study room. In addition to the key lighting that must reach 500 lux (Lux) illumination, it is also important to consider how to configure the lamps. The lamps should not be installed behind the seats. To the desktop, such reading will produce shadows, use a diffuse light source to maintain the basic illumination of the whole room, and supplement the anti-glare desk lamp as the accent lighting to avoid direct projected light sources.


7.Installed a design chandelier on the ceiling of the living room, but feel the space is very oppressive?

Use indirect lighting to brighten ceilings, walls or floors to extend the sense of space. If the ceiling is not high and chandeliers are installed, not only will it not bring beauty, but it is more likely to cause line of sight obstacles. If the ceiling itself is not high, you can hit the light source upward, reflect the light to the ceiling through the diffused light, and diffuse the light source out of the indirect light source, which will make the ceiling extend upwards. The technique, wash the wall up or down, through the halo effect, there will be a feeling of raising the ceiling.

8.Install ordinary lamps in the bathroom, but the lamps fail after a long time?

Choose lamps with moisture-proof type and high IP protection factor, and avoid direct installation of open lamps. All electrical appliances may have the danger of leakage in high humidity places, and lamps and lanterns are prone to problems such as poor insulation and rust on reflectors due to the humidity in the air. It is necessary to choose waterproof lamps. This type of lamps and lanterns can be divided into moisture-proof type, rain-proof type, rain-proof and moisture-proof type, etc. according to the difference in waterproof performance. The protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number indicates the level of the lamp against dust and foreign objects intrusion. The second number indicates the degree of airtightness of the electrical appliance against moisture and water intrusion. The larger the number, the higher the protection level. higher.



9.The lamps are not cleaned frequently. Is it the most convenient to replace the lamps directly when they are broken?

Regularly cleaning the lamps makes the light source more efficient and prolongs the life of the lamps. Through regular maintenance, wiping and maintenance, good lamps can not only increase the luster and life of the lamp surface, but also the performance of the light source will be better. The frequency of cleaning is generally about once every six months.


10.The lamps are not cleaned frequently, and it is most convenient to replace the light bulb directly with a new one if it is broken!

As long as the lamp can still be lit, it means that it can still operate normally. When the lamp is broken, it will be replaced, so I usually don’t pay attention to and clean it, but after a long time, the light is getting darker and darker. ?

Regularly cleaning the lamps makes the light source more efficient and prolongs the life of the lamps.

The frequency of lamp cleaning mainly depends on the amount of dust falling in the air in the environment, generally about once every six months. In environments with a large amount of dust, such as the side of the main road, the cleaning frequency needs to be increased. A good lamp can not only increase the luster and life of the lamp surface through regular maintenance, wiping and maintenance, but also the performance of the light source will be better.



11.I picked a red dress in the clothing store, and I found out that there is a color difference when I actually wore it out!

In the clothing store, I carefully selected a red dress. The color is very beautiful under the projection of the light, but when I wear it, I find that it is different from the color I saw at that time.

In addition to paying attention to the atmosphere and texture, the color rendering index is also an important consideration for clothing store lighting.

The most important product of a clothing store is clothing, and the style cannot be the same forever, so how to control the accent lighting is the key. The lighting must be adjusted according to the atmosphere that the space wants to create, but pay attention to that the color of the clothes cannot be distorted, so the light source should not be too dim, and the color rendering is not good, which may easily cause the color of the clothes to be distorted. The light source in the locker room should be paid more attention. It is best to use yellow and white color-changing warm light to illuminate the front. White can see the true color of clothes in outdoor sunlight, and yellow light reflects the real feeling of indoor, adding softness to it.



12.The lighting in the hair salon makes people feel good, but when you come home and look at your vanity mirror, it is very different!



After I cut my hair, I took a photo in front of the big mirror in the barber shop. In addition to the beautiful hairstyle, even the whole popularity has changed! It turns out that changing hairstyles can make people look younger, but when I went home and looked in my vanity mirror, I realized that was not the case?

Mirror lighting configuration should avoid shadows and use lamps with better color rendering.

In order to present better services and effects, the lighting configuration of the hair salon has been designed to a certain extent. Pay attention to the reflection of the light source itself on the work surface. Strong light can easily stimulate the eyes of designers and customers, causing discomfort. The light source should be placed on both sides or on the top of the mirror surface. Using frontal reflection can reduce the existence of shadows and make customers look better. good. If you want to present the same effect at home, you can refer to the same light source configuration.

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