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Lighting installation-don't fall, don't fall, don't fall!

Update time : Jun, 11, 2021

Lighting installation-don't fall, don't fall, don't fall!

For interior decoration designer, many people are more concerned about how the ceiling is made? How is the wall finish finished? Precautions when paving the ground, waterproof, etc.

But there is an important but easy to ignore point for the indoor environment: the installation of lamps

During the installation of the chandelier or after decoration, the chandelier may drop, which not only delays the construction period, but also may cause personal injury. In the interior decoration, how to install lamps on different ceilings? How to install chandeliers and lights?

This article specifically analyzes the installation of ceiling lamps, mainly solving the following problems:

1. What are the types of ceiling lamps?

2. How to install chandeliers, light strip, etc.?

3. What problems should I pay attention to when installing lamps on the top?


Ceiling light types

Top lamps can be divided into chandeliers, ceiling lamps, downlights, light strips, etc. by type


Installation process of lamps

1. Installation of the chandelier

1) Reserved terminal box

The terminal box is pre-installed at the lamp position on the top of the gypsum board, and the decoration surface is completed according to the decoration requirements.

Reserve junction box

2) Install light chandeliers

When installing light chandeliers, it is necessary to preset 400 × 400mm 18mm thick multi-layer boards at the mounting position. The board surface is flush with the wood keel side. The multi-layer board must be fixed to the floor of the structural floor with φ8 expansion bolts and fixedly connected to the ceiling wood keel. The weight must not exceed 30kg.

Light weight ≤ 2kg ,need to add wooden clogs when fixing.

Chandelier weight≤2kg

The weight of the lamp ≤ 4kg. When fixing the wood keel, the lamp base needs to be fixed to the wood keel with 3 self-tapping screws on each side.

Chandelier weight ≤4kg

3) Install heavy chandeliers

When installing heavy chandeliers, a hook must be preset on the bottom surface of the structural panel, and the load-bearing rate of the hook should be determined according to the weight of the proposed lamp. Ultra-heavy lamps (> 8KG) and electric fans with vibration must be hung by themselves, and there must be no stress relationship with the ceiling. The luminaire should be suspended from the wood keel structure.

Heavy-duty pendant lamp installation node

2.Light strip installation

1) Flat top light strip installation

Flat ceiling lamp with node diagram

2) Installation of curved ceiling light

The inner side of the light lamp trough is arc-shaped, in which the custom-made plaster line needs to be installed at the arc. The plaster line is lined with blockboard and the plaster line at the same angle to ensure the beautiful appearance and lighting effect.

Lamp groove section

Ceiling Light Trough with Section Node

Curtain box curved lamp slot

3) installation of lamp belt and down lamp

During installation, the lower opening of the inner panel of the ceiling light trough needs to be level with the auxiliary wood keel, and the back of the inner panel is fixed with a hanging piece to increase the force support of the light trough. The outer opening of the light trough is connected with the inner wooden wood keel of the inner wood keel, and the wooden base layer needs to be protected.


Points to note when installing lamps

1. Downlights and quartz spotlights with a weight of less than 1kg can be directly installed on the light steel wood keel plasterboard ceiling decorative panel; lamps with a weight of less than 3kg should be installed on the secondary wood keel; lamps with a weight of more than 3kg should be directly hung on the building Load-bearing structure.

2. The chandelier itself has a certain length. Pay attention to the height of the floor when installing. When the floor height is ≥3m, you can choose chandeliers and ceiling lamps. For rooms with a floor height of 2.6-2.7m, the length of the installed chandeliers should not exceed 40cm.

When the floor height is less than 2.6m, you can choose a semi-chandelier or a pendant lamp with a diameter of 38 ~ 57cm to reduce the visual proportion.

3. When installing multiple chandeliers, pay attention to the position and length of the lamps. You can install the chandeliers at the same time as installing the ceiling, so that the position and height of the lamps can be adjusted based on the wood keel grille in the ceiling.

4. Pay attention to safety when installing lamps on the suspended ceiling. Generally, the ceiling used in the living room is relatively heavy. It is necessary to ensure that the ceiling is not damaged during installation and that the lamps do not fall off. The lamp should be fixed on the embedded hook or bolt, and the lamp cannot be installed directly on the ceiling wood keel.

5. The installation of the lamp must be installed in combination with the wall material to avoid the lamp being too close to the wall, which will cause direct light to the wall in the later stage, which will adversely affect the wall construction!

This article mainly introduces the types of ceiling lamps and the process nodes for installing different chandeliers, and explains the precautions when installing lamps.

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