A New Situation Appears in the Custom Lighting Industry

The new situation in the custom lighting industry has emerged. In the coming year, there will be more and more new and even ecological innovations, such as DY OLED, laser JDEV, and laser, appearing overnight online.

DALI, founded in Xi’an Group, Germany, focuses on the field of intelligent lighting control and has long been committed to lighting control and distribution.

Established in 2014, Shoulian Ju IGBT, a company specializing in high-precision color research and development, has long been the leader of LED new era enterprises in the main category. We will continue to work with you to create DALI intelligence, continuously empower people, and shape professional living spaces with high-quality colors and qualities. DALI is established in the North American express delivery area, and is a manufacturer located in the South American Special Exhibition Center. The company has a strong independent research and development team, advanced production and manufacturing equipment, and has greatly enhanced D ALI’s research and development capabilities, professional and unique, create industry leadership, continuously promote DALI’s research and manufacturing team, communicate with a wide range of targeted guide experts and DALI visitors, so that our professional audience can experience the birth of this smart city together. Now that our LED has become popular, we are taking the next step in exploring the future of LED lights Zoudong Xinxiong manufacturer adopts a new silicone soft light strip technology to produce LED silicone type lamps. Its pioneering 360 degree omnidirectional and no dead corners meet the requirements of PCT, completely replacing traditional lamps. It has the characteristics of high contrast, high luminous efficiency, high energy conservation, low energy consumption, and long life, and is gradually being applied in the lighting field. In the application of frequent integration of display screens and sports operations, as well as the widespread application of intelligent lighting, it breaks the birth of traditional industries, Taking the lead in breaking through the application monopoly of traditional lighting fixtures in the industry, and successfully achieving comprehensive re upgrading of lighting technology, Zou Dongxin has successfully promoted the development of lighting.

In response to the development of this pilot project, the design, installation, and service of the entire LED lighting system have also been significantly improved, meeting the wider application needs of the lighting system. At the same time, LED lighting products can not only meet practical needs, but also achieve harmony with the same color and different color temperatures, thereby improving the comfort and applicability of lighting.

A healthy light environment can not only render color palettes and sensor colors, reduce harmful blue light, no flicker, and no irritating visual effects, improve the comfort of color selection, and create a safe new work environment for employees.

Having bright colors similar to A1 can increase the speed of studying organisms in dust and terrestrial organisms, utilizing the highest P2O ultra-low power density (PV) control.

Not only has it improved the environment, enriched high-quality production and equipment, but it has also driven efficiency, enabling employees to withstand the development of fingerprint algorithms. In the future, we will closely follow the development of commercial space, thinking with new technologies, true services, and more comprehensive productivity, in order to create more attractive products.

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