Acrylic chandelier For Bar

Acrylic Chandeliers

Acrylic chandeliers are not the mainstream of chandeliers. Acrylic is more commonly used in ceiling lamps. Acrylic is made of milky white as a diffuser, or the entire lamp body of the ceiling lamp is made of acrylic. In fact, there are some special chandelier styles that use acrylic as the material of the lamp body, which is more fashionable and beautiful, and has low production cost and better stability and yield.

In recent years, acrylic has been used more in LED chandeliers, because acrylic has good light-guiding properties, and transparent acrylic can make the lamps more technological. If the lamp pattern is butterflies, stars, and flowers, you will find that the sense of technology and romantic atmosphere can be perfectly integrated into an LED acrylic chandelier.

The shape of acrylic is relatively malleable, so the shape of acrylic chandeliers can also be varied, whether it is flat, drop-shaped, or even more complex shapes, acrylic can be used as a raw material. Nowadays, the technology of acrylic has improved a lot, and it has good light transmittance, does not yellow, and is not easy to scratch.

Especially for some large-sized chandeliers, such as Dia600mm, the blown glass cannot be made that big, and the cost of opening such a large glass mold is high, and acrylic will be a good alternative material. It’s also more drop resistant. We are a professional acrylic chandelier manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!