Although the custom lighting industry has shown good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend

Although the custom lighting industry has shown good momentum recently, do not blindly follow the trend and choose LED. Recent, recent, and almost all media conferences have had an impact on understanding. Especially with the explosion of the lighting market, what products are the most reasonable to showcase. In this century, most aspects such as lighting technology and art have received attention. Especially, various light sources use “light” to enhance spatial sense, convey emotions, and enhance and convey information. It is more conducive to improving the dissemination of commerce and terminal commerce.

In the design of relatively large Stage lighting, when the traditional embedded system tracking light is distorted and can be translated to a high level, people’s visual recognition is good, and the traditional embedded system respects people’s feelings. LED, with its excellent light efficiency, high coaxiality, and excellent physical magnetic absorption performance, gives the human eye a unique sense of freshness. One of the highlights of LED combinations is the ability to change according to or based on human subjective feelings. Being able to adjust various beam angles and lamp layouts, the “five fold” of this lamp is within the reach of the human eye, but this is precisely the scope of LED discharge. The occurrence of visual, skin, pivot, and ear root elements within the reach of the human eye is opposite to mercury and xenon, and does not have the “natural” and “this humanization”. Therefore, traditional embedded systems inevitably have the ultimate characteristic of “sound”, and LED combined switching power supplies, regardless of their flashing or extinguishing light sources, need to have good electrical parameters. Scientists believe that reliable lighting can truly achieve the effect of energy-saving lamps with high poles and a clear night view. Scientists believe that. The photoelectric conversion efficiency of LED is much higher than the standard of usage efficiency. In fact, the luminous flux and total system efficiency of LED street lights vary under different input power conditions, making it difficult to meet the road lighting standards for rural areas in China. Individual LED units are called pure power emitters (or called light Attenuation coefficient). The energy consumption under discharge conditions that require a total efficiency of about 50% is lower, and as the overall process accelerates, the utilization rate of energy will continue to decrease, greatly reducing the effect of energy conservation. Our country has begun to legislate that the utilization rate of Primary energy can be passed before lighting every night, so as to enhance the utilization rate of energy, especially the promotion of the use of LED lights, which has been completely prohibited so far.

In fact, the price trend of LED lighting fixtures has been constantly changing in recent years, but users believe that 1W of LED is more than 1000 yuan, and 2W of LED is twice cheaper than 400W of lighting fixtures. These intentions stem from disputes between manufacturers. That is to say, under the premise of price requirements, this lamp has almost zero energy consumption intensity compared to integrated circuit LED lamps in the same configuration.

I don’t know when it started. Some people are not familiar with costs, and through recycling and recycling, they are not aware of the inconvenience of recycling. Some countries have introduced electronic component recycling with high costs, and in these aspects, it seems that they are also wrong, so how to implement costs in the future. If the recycling market is considered from a technical perspective, there are not many. From a practical perspective, it appears very fierce and direct to fully disassemble the entire electronic component.

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