Analysis of Import and Export in the hospitality lighting Industry and Current Concerns

Import and export analysis of the hospitality lighting industry and current issues that should be paid attention to. Analysis of lighting system solutions: Many places are still buried within the original lighting system, and in the future, each batch of LED lights/LED lights used to connect the lighting system, such as what benefits LED lights/have but the various components they come into contact with, are valuable reflections of the LED light sources felt by people. However, people who accept them do not know how to attach them.

In the lighting design lighting effect diagram, each batch of lighting fixtures can be processed for secondary verification according to the above conceptual scheme. The batch of lighting fixtures can be restored to an invisible state, leaving some room for improvement in the entire lighting design. Therefore, is the LED lamp better than the 30W lamp and the 40W lamp?

● Define the level of uniform lighting. The installation layout must accurately locate the spacing and lighting of each key point of lighting. The space without installation intervals will require reasonable zoning control, otherwise the perspective of the two major “people” involved in lighting will not be very large.

How to break through the space lighting in the black area/ How to break through the space lighting in the black area?

It is necessary to consider whether the usage environment is saturated. The design and renovation of the environment is to create a comfortable environment, not to excessively brighten it. This design can bring a sense of balance, unity, and balance.

It is necessary to achieve lighting in different places and intelligent control of lighting, which can reduce the impact of glare to a certain extent. According to the requirements of spatial structure and function, intelligent products that are timed and personalized can be selected, such as lights, MR, mobile lights, advertising lights, etc.

Lighting can increase people’s sense of security and safety, and most importantly, the lighting of the HVAC part can make people feel comfortable, while the HVAC part can cause great psychological harm to people. For example, some directions are in the direction of an arrow, while others emit light to guide people’s route. Guide people’s nerves and aesthetics in specific directions and locations, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of commercial effects.

Intelligent control, with the ability to adjust and control lighting, radar, variable time, brightness, etc., brings users a perfect lighting scene.

Based on the spatial structure, we can design corresponding dimming curves to achieve the goal of saving energy, improving brightness, and reducing costs. Lighting is mainly static dimming, with stepless dimming, contactless dimming, intelligent energy-saving, and a hotter dimming curve.

Lighting technology: The light source adopts intelligent equipment and reagent transmission system, and the lamps are connected to the intelligent lighting system to automatically switch on and off the lights as needed.

Market segments: LED lights, fluorescent lights, LED lights, RF and stabilizers, signal lights/indicator lights/signal lights, light bars/Nixie tube; Power supply, AC/DC power supply and starter; The power supply can be isolated or isolated. The main types of lamps produced by each manufacturer are different, but they are basically the same and belong to the same lighting decoration, except for LED lamps without dimmers.

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