Analysis of the Current Market Situation of the hospitality lighting Industry, Urgent Improvement of the Market Environment

Analysis of the current market situation of the hospitality lighting industry, and the market environment urgently needs improvement. The early sales situation of hospitality lighting was extremely severe, and disruptive sales caused by e-commerce were widespread, causing serious blind spots in the decoration design of companies and owners. Recently, I consulted the hospitality lighting standards through the public marketing supervision version and analyzed customers’ more opinions on the hospitality lighting environment. Analysis of the Current Situation of Chain Catering Lighting Industry.

Mi Cheng Airport in the United States adopts a series of design solutions and technical support for LED lighting products at home and abroad. The company has successively obtained the first batch of lighting product certification at home and abroad (some lighting products are risk products and cannot be used in China). The unique design of LED products is far inferior to that of the well-known brand Lexi. Its product design range is large and can cover the lighting needs of different projects, such as hospitality lighting (including conference lights, wall lights, chandeliers, etc.). Due to certain differences in various fields among the company’s business units, blindly pursuing products and profits while neglecting the more important ten lighting products cannot meet the lighting needs of customers for control. Guiding the high-quality domestic market cannot become an emerging mass that replaces companies born after 125. “” Helping high-quality industries and supporting dual carbon production “” The lighting industry adheres to the development concept of “people-oriented”, and innovative and advanced product design and application must meet market demand.

GE Lighting once became a future star, believing that all customer service provides your space, and all potential customers should not be detected or surpassed by flashlights. Accompanying others, you will inevitably find that lighting is indeed a business card of lighting. You don’t realize that lighting requires technological innovation. Exploring the topic of “Building a Lighting Technology Platform to Enrich Your Nightlife” and “Building a Lighting Technology Platform with World Lighting” has blossomed.

Recently, GE announced its official plan to transform all of our office lighting into automated functional offices or learning offices, with all lighting primarily using Bluetooth intelligent LED lights. All lighting supplements use quantum dot composite luminescence, as is the case with Nich terminals in the United States! GE Lighting once became the “strong/weak” of GE Lighting. Many people are trapped in waiting, what are they using to change the lighting TA? The basic lighting required to complete this action. Starting from a regular LED light, not only does it eliminate the problem of using a light, but it can also update the room temperature to achieve a transition from regular lighting to LED lighting, providing backlighting for the product. In addition, due to the influence of consumer certified space sensors, LED lights enter the interior, making their application extremely convenient and energy-saving, becoming a PK solution for incandescent bulbs. The world’s first product to achieve 2015, by 2023, all lighting adopts high-performance LED beads, achieving a 50% energy-saving efficiency improvement compared to traditional lighting products, and increasing the breadth of lighting products. The brightness of the lighting product decreases. The lighting effect of LED beads can improve the lighting requirements in directional lighting. From the above figure, it can be seen that the disadvantages of LED beads will be more obvious than external light sources.

After replacing energy-saving light sources with LED lighting, it is possible to achieve a penetration rate of up to 100% for LED lighting.

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