Attractive Prospects for Custom Lighting Industry Trends

The trend of custom lighting industry has an attractive prospect. The non-standard lighting industry has an average strength, thereby improving operational efficiency. Traditional lighting giants have actively promoted investment in topics such as light source raw materials, lighting fixtures, enterprise standards, product classification, market share, product classification, LED types, market share, and details, and have completely banned terminology and questions in the lighting industry.

The intelligent lighting market is not popular because in recent years, major manufacturers in the lighting industry have won the Aladdin Divine Lamp Award, abbreviated as the “Planting Tree of the Lighting Industry”.

What are the future development trends of the intelligent lighting industry. Firstly, the object being visited at the top of a bottom observation window is an unusual ‘electrical product’. One or more varieties of hands-on or purchased products will undoubtedly be the carrier of future lighting. In this way, one or more brands purchased for oneself and consumers – “Intelligent Lighting”.

Technical requirements: When choosing lighting fixtures, people should pay special attention to the intelligence of lighting products, in order to bring users a more comfortable life and make people’s lives more suitable.

At present, the LED lighting market has penetrated rapidly and the prices are relatively high. Because of this, a series of LEDs have higher prices and are able to achieve good quality at a low price. Many LED lighting companies are competing for lower costs.

In this sense, when the terminal LED lighting market is insufficient, it can bring you more new market opportunities in the LED lighting market.

Whether it is LED lighting fixtures or other lighting fixtures, as long as they can be partially lit, the price will not be low.

● Luminous surface: Square LED lamps or other irregular LED lamps with significantly increased casing and materials that are resistant to ultraviolet radiation and oxidation.

Lens: Using a high transmittance glass lens, the light is soft and the front side assists with light.

Built-in light bulb: Efficient light source, with a brightness greater than 110LM and a beam angle greater than 180 °.

(Appearance/frosting properties are the same as acrylic) Acrylic ceiling lamp, with a beam angle of 110LM, an ultra long beam angle, and a beam angle exceeding 130lm/W, achieving the effect of not seeing the light

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