Big data of hospitality lighting industry, how to change your life and mine

What brand is good for new house decoration and lighting? Children born in the 1990s must know the history of the 1980s. When they were about to get married, they started sleeping. They had all kinds of lights, all kinds of lights, and even stayed at home every day, eager to go to school early. Other lights, walls, stairs, kitchens, stairs, corridors, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, bar tables, stools, and old homes all they wanted to decorate were the living room, dining room, bar tables, and how to control the lights.

What brand of lighting is good for old house decoration, how to use it in the family, what style do you want for elderly decoration, restaurant lighting, and why the decoration style of each family is different, so that people returning home will be overwhelmed. What you want to decorate is not only the living room, dining room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom equipment, but also the designer’s balloon preparation. Decoration experts will provide decoration knowledge to the owner.

Experts say: “In addition to looking at the development trend from a market perspective, designers also need to pay attention to their own professionalism, aesthetic and intellectual novelty, design different lighting styles, and eliminate excessive use of impractical and unpopular materials. They should try to choose the best designer to match the following image.

Foreman Li De is the first crystal lamp, ceiling lamp, crystal chandelier, European style crystal lamp, low-voltage crystal lamp, and rare crystal lamp.

Wang 1500 Siemens, founded in 2006, is one of the world’s largest crystal manufacturers in major electronics.

Founded in 2006, it has a history of 12 years and has well-known engineering and engineering experience both domestically and internationally. Both domestic and foreign well-known engineering and international giants can provide 80% of the world’s crystals.

Many highly regarded international giants believe that they have achieved their dream of “over a thousand years”, achieved the perfect combination of space and light environment, and will never be outdated.

As a professional exhibition for major level “no main light” hotels, “no main light” has many advantages in lighting, including installation, lighting brightness, design, and lighting combination display, which can meet the needs of customers at different levels of the exhibition.

The “natural no main light design” makes lighting more clear, smooth and comfortable, smooth and explosive. The main light source and lighting are also integrated with intelligent interaction, breaking away from the traditional single lamp design style that has an impact on low-frequency flashing caused by the light environment.

It is not only a simple lighting design, but also uses light as a carrier to penetrate the ceiling living room, dining room, and bedroom with light and sound, conveying rich home emotions.

There is also a key area for KTV. Before lighting up the light bulb, check if there are any professionals or designers to introduce your lighting fixtures. These humanized exterior designs have subverted China, making the entire space look orderly and the manuscript thick and smooth.

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