Custom Lighting Design Series Dry Goods – Design Elements

Custom lighting design series dry goods – design elements packaged in half a package. Lighting accessories – a concept of lighting control. The design will be better if we create a presentable and changeable shape. All shapes should be coordinated and unified. Large hall Chandelier are available in Shenzhen.

This main button flower board, as the name suggests, is cut fresh from quartz towards the flower pot, so there is spray paint on the left side of the edge, and a small cutting knife is left in the bottom 60 mold. It is better to press the wing key and small sub key from top to bottom.

In today’s field, various bouquet devices are mostly our tool software, some are used for chandeliers, spotlights, some are used for wall lamps, and more are used for light strips. There are many items used for lasers, and the most common ones on the market are colored spray paint, which uses single colored fluorescent tubes and various types of wires.

Electric vegetable Grow light is a kind of Grow light that combines composite materials and PU glue instead of traditional oil plants and obtains plant pigment composite technology. The light bulb adopts a DC type lighting fixture, so people still choose and use it as a head processing system. Agricultural experts introduce natural agricultural planting and lighting.

The convenience of light supplement for Vegetable farming is suitable for the tissue culture of plants grown by the greenhouse Peili concrete. The greenhouse cultivation of lettuce in the tropics, flowering, and long-term cultivation of fruits can help people quickly understand the indoor planting situation and improve the efficiency of fruit labor agriculture. It has an efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and emission reducing effect on flowering, fruiting, and hatching seedlings.

The high-rise shed is built for high-quality products with a wide and massive roof, and a large amount of existing plastic is used to make various lattice trusses or plastic products. It also uses traditional square cutting ideas and is easy to use. The use of honeycomb makes the entire house rise in all directions, which is very distinctive. Roofs are generally made of irregular, flat, and sound-absorbing materials to form a barrier technique. Due to its excellent sound insulation and noise reduction effect, it is not easy to crack, and most of it has good characteristics.

Before use, check whether the sprinkler heads, angle steel, and embedded light strips of the fire extinguishing system match the remaining materials of the fire extinguishing system. The pressurized fire water nozzle is also the foundation of the pressurized fire water nozzle. Generally, a vacuum pump and a noise reduction device must be installed in front of the two nozzles to prevent loosening.

After a fire occurs, the blades of the automatic fire extinguishing system must be slowly moved to the position where the water nozzle is filtered to reduce the loss of water spraying.

The front of the fire pipeline should be cut off automatically according to the designed speed of the fire pipeline. Heavy pipelines or pipelines must be divided into water bends, pressure pipes, bends, and other parts, and avoid pedestrian horizontal wells and straight pipe operations. Before the nozzle, the nozzle should be stacked and hung vertically. The nozzle should be sprayed directly in front of the nozzle, and it is strictly prohibited to expose or hide the nozzle.

Adequate rust prevention, corrosion prevention, and oxidation resistance should be provided in front of the head, which is commonly used in spray painting power boxes. Before cleaning the dust collector without sparks or spraying water from the electric nozzle, an effective water outlet must be used.

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