Focusing on technological strength, customizing the way to break the situation in the lighting industry

Focusing on technological strength, customizing the way to break through the lighting industry. As an influential lighting enterprise, the ability to customize intelligent lighting solutions not only gradually stands in the perspective of mass production, but also studies active customization of intelligent lighting processing methods. It also comprehensively understands people’s perception of lighting quality, spatial comfort, emotions, environmental psychology, and other aspects, providing a comfortable, scientific, safe, comfortable, and healthy life for lighting.

Lighting Enterprise Qualification Enterprise Comprehensive Qualification Enterprise Product Development Capability, with product design, research and development, production and installation qualifications, electronic and structural design research and development capabilities, product design, production, sales, research and development, and service, as well as talent in the LED light source lighting industry.

Having been established for over 20 years, the employees in the factory area have a professional distribution, strong ability to withstand pressure, and possess good team spirit and service awareness;

Strong company strength, adapt to the requirements of the new environment, provide customers with resistant, consumption, weak and explosive loads, capacitor cabinets, Smart speaker, smart lighting boxes, magic 300T factory hall chandeliers in Anshan City.

With the beginning of 2019, the “digital intelligence era” will become a new hot topic in the development of marketing countries nationwide. Since the 1960s, China’s artificial intelligence industrial parks have become increasingly large, achieving the development of positioning intelligence, smart cities, and smart application parks. As a result, the entire industrial chain has been constructed upstream and downstream, and industrial cluster advertising has been easily launched. With a new management model, it has received high attention and trust from many domestic and foreign enterprises.

Realize the upgrade from product research and development, production, manufacturing, service systems, to engineering construction, and to after-sales service. The comprehensive pipeline of lighting engineering is vertical and horizontal, with a large span and small coverage area. While saving energy, the country has put forward strict regulations for the demonstration and development of environmental protection industry technology projects, and has passed key supporting standards such as lighting appliance standardization, installation and maintenance, and electromagnetic compatibility. Our country’s standard system adheres to development and has formed standards that can guarantee and meet the relevant standards of GB00, GB00, GB precision values, GB23325, etc.

The optical elements produced by the company are widely used in LED, CFL display, advertising PET, household appliances and other fields.

The company’s LED products have sold well in various industries and account for 8% of the market share. In the future, they will maintain the popularity of European LED lighting pioneer explosion-proof lamps and gradually replace other halogen lamps.

Mingjiahui LED bulbs have sold well in the market with ultra-high brightness LED bulbs in a mixed situation. Compared to energy-saving lamps, they have doubled in the same industry. In the past few years, due to the energy-saving of LED lamps, some factors such as poverty have been reduced,

Innovation leads the trend, market demand leads the transformation of lighting, and LED lighting manufacturers will continue to promote this “international and global cancer” social transformation

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