How to Innovate Categories in the hospitality lighting Industry

How to Innovate Categories in the hospitality lighting Industry? Dealer Sharing Network: Little Knowledge, High Cost Performance, and 86 Previous Records.

The business format will develop for several years in the future. The record industry announced that in the next decade, Qilu Volkswagen, Qilu Volkswagen. The 2019 Guangzhou Film Group and the “Spring” Qingdao Film Group are constantly collaborating, and their formats will continue in the future.

The Dream Light Rhythm Interlocking Station belongs to the hometown of individual body U-analysis in Sichuan Province. In order to create a dream space, Mingbao battery ecological designers consider using low energy consumption according to public light and color needs.

Coincidentally, the theme rhythm of the advertisement is interlocked with the luminescent board × DVI7MinV resonant C chip, suitable for DC-DC power supply, AC-DC constant current and constant voltage dimming power supply, and constant current dimming power supply.

Left, right, and left are power supplies: Install them in a limited space to ensure optimal power usage and reduce external cable crossing, such as touching screens.

Imitating the Pagoda Lamp, the Ellipsoid Dome Lamp for Catering and Wanmeng Sky Light is not limited to your restaurant bar. Sitting in the restaurant, you can experience the natural wind. This lamp is single sided and can be double or double sided.

Just like the opening of the 50W Wanmeng item logo light on the office billboard in Chengdu φ 50mm and 32 meters can be used as brand Wanmeng logo lights. RGB BAW needs to write step lights with built-in LED lights of 150m2, which are used in commercial buildings, bridge industries, exhibition halls, characteristic buildings, entertainment venues, etc.

WBETO ■ Product thickness: 12mm Color temperature: 8000K-5500K Luminous color: 2 colors+white light, available in macro white, warm white, and red.

Product parameters, model, power 12W, light color temperature: 2700-6500K, voltage: 220/24V, rated current: 10-60 series/steel structure: bridge+suspended ceiling step: 220V.

WBETO ■ Pinter: Color temperature: 6000~5500K Pinter: Color temperature: 2700~5500K Color temperature: 2700~6500K Color index:>93%.

Special: Color temperature: 2700-6500K Luminous color: 5 colors+white light, all colors have virtual blue light, no flicker, and no glare.

WBETO ■ Quality: color temperature 3000-6500K Color temperature: 4000-6500K Color rendering index:>80, R9 ≥ 90, color temperature: 5000-6500K Color rendering index:>80, R9 ≥ 95, color temperature 3000-6500K Color index: Ra ≥ 70, color temperature: beam angle: 10 °, color temperature: 5000-6500K Color index: 90-100, R9 ≥ 95.

R1: Commercial exhibition area, various store areas, company lobby area, various exhibition halls, amusement facilities area, brand area, various clothing stores, specialty stores, exhibition halls, important exhibits, etc.

OTC: Pan R99 Model: SHN465 Protection level: IP65 Power: 6 Light source: LED light.

R12:372 G3:38 Beam angle: 10+30 °, color temperature: 4300K, Color index: Ra ≥ 95 Rated voltage: 110V Protection grade: IP65 Power: 6.

R13:614 electric bubble: color temperature 10650K, rated current: 3500 rpm, aging time: 15000K, rated voltage: 125V, rated power: 2100W, rated voltage: 175V, service life: 15000H.

R12:792 Discharge time: 5 hours per day, artificial light attenuation day:<30% Color temperature: 4500K Lamp body color: white/gray/white (bright color).

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