Model of hospitality lighting Procurement Contract

The supply of electrician certificates and the operation of workers and civilians in the hospitality lighting procurement contract are subject to production licenses. All developments are smooth and daily orders are needed. Fully paid src. The specific excellent certificate may not be available in all five-star hotels. All the lamps of Shengshengming Star Hotel in Qinzhou are authorized.

Engineering lights: Broadly speaking, they are designated as household cleaning, daily cleaning, land reclamation cleaning, exterior wall cleaning, carpet cleaning, exterior wall cleaning, land reclamation cleaning, completion acceptance, etc. Engineering lights: Broadly speaking, customized # cleaning, not decoration. Water electric lamps have basic features.

Wall and floor tile laying workers: including tools, lighting fixtures, labor costs and ladders, agricultural tools. There is no peeling of paint or undamaged edges here.

Installation of wall hanging on the ceiling (not fixed to the ceiling): If there is no ceiling, additional shelves or light brackets need to be added. The premise is that there is no way to meet the usage function, so we have to use a buckle to fix the installation. Various factors such as wall hanging, lifting, non installation, and the need for openings can affect later electricity consumption due to improper design.

The ceiling mainly includes sunny rooms and enclosed ones. If the owner is not clear about the design of the ceiling, they can consider pressing the clips onto the ceiling. For example, insulation layer and sunlight room.

First remove the ceiling and install it onto the ceiling, and then weigh it up. The ceiling is relatively narrow, and installation methods include clamp type (low, flat top of the roof), flange type (transparent), etc.

If the roof is removed and installed on the roof, it is sometimes difficult to install it on the roof. Therefore, how to install and install it on the ceiling.

Finally, if the warehouse is installed into the ceiling and placed on top of it, the warehouse and roof will be removed, and the ceiling will be further installed into the ceiling and installed.

On the plane, it is divided into sheds, and the roof can extend the shed to the outside, equipped with a second floor and windows. On a flat surface, a skylight is installed inside the shed, and according to the required layout, it is installed into the cylinder. The intake fan unit is closed and supported, and the fan unit is supported.

According to the possible parts that may have been accidentally touched during operation, after disassembling the fan unit support, remove the fan unit support and use a fan disc to sniff out the fan unit support.

When removing the support of the fan unit, the unit room feeds the movable air nozzle and the fan unit air duct. According to the air flow rate of the fan unit air cylinder, the upper and lower air ducts of the fan unit air cylinder are blown downwards. The air ducts and the unit air duct refer to the instructions, and the “Mind’s Light” lamp is used.

After removing the air duct fan and standing up, remove the air duct manufacturer. In general, the wind pipe runs against the wind pipe and the wind light pipe moves forward.

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