The hospitality lighting industry has a crowded track

The crowded demand in the hospitality lighting industry has arrived, and fierce competition has also led to extremely insufficient supply. The fierce competition has also led to constantly changing supply pressure. Finding suitable and relatively high priced hospitality lighting equipment supply can avoid the temptation of price, and thus various high requirements will also be met.

Simply customizing hospitality lighting is also an intuitive regulation, and the cost of hospitality lighting usually needs to be controlled at a certain level. When the enterprise has a certain level of technical capability and has passed the perfect implementation.

LED line light can realize the development and production of a variety of light-emitting devices, and can produce many beautiful colors of light. At present, there are two main types of LED line lights in hardware: one is LED line lights, and the other is LED wall washing lights. LED line lights are widely used in LED panel lights, including LED point light sources, LED projection lights, LED Nixie tube, etc. So what are the characteristics of LED lights and LED line lights? Customizing LED exposed light strips is a good choice. Next, the editor will tell you. The quality of LED line lights mainly relies on secondary optics 2006 to achieve no video flickering, flickering or dimming 3D or above. Therefore, when making a purchase, the first customer should purchase the outer shell of the shell. The shell of the LED line lamp should have sufficient mechanical strength and be reinforced with reinforcing materials. It should have sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness. This has little impact on the appearance of the casing as it avoids corrosion. LED line lights also require the installation of light poles with sufficient mechanical strength and stiffness. This is a great guide for our progress and experience. No matter what product, its installation environment must comply with relevant standards. Let pedestrians use it with peace of mind. Good custom LED line lights. When customizing LED line lights, our market is very strong. There are already many technical requirements for the shell of LED line lights, such as we need to customize many types of shells. So it is very certain to customize the LED line lamp shell.

Many customers’ understanding of the shell of LED line lights is only a result, and they do not know that adding a certain amount of mechanical strength to the shell can meet our needs. Therefore, customizing the LED line light shell through customizing the line light shell is such a customized product.

Customized light efficiency testing: Different light sources have different light efficiency, and we can detect the material and hardness of the LED line lamp shell to quickly determine the quality of the LED line lamp.

We have conducted multi-dimensional research on the shell of LED wall washing lamps in order to achieve the potential to meet design requirements, achieve a 10-year budget table, and achieve the ability to use LED line lamp shells with thousands of levels and uniform performance. We also need to conduct strict quality testing to ensure the quality of the products leaving the factory. Achieve ‘tailor-made and well documented’.

Conduct heat dissipation testing for lighting fixtures, customize the LED line lamp housing from the perspective of quality of life and construction plans, to ensure factory quality.

Opportunity oriented: We have preliminarily designed honeycomb or group shaped LED line lights to avoid wasting smart lighting design, and explained the smart light shell to meet the lighting needs of more users.

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