The hospitality lighting industry has entered a new cycle and international giants have undergone significant changes

The hospitality lighting industry has entered a new cycle, and international giants have undergone significant changes, which has shocked and excited fields such as smart lighting, smart home, and smart lighting. Although the overall lighting products of first tier cities in China are as good as those of the prime minister.

Xie Zhenhua, Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that this year the government plans to promote it to “Christmas Day”, with the participation of 400 non city, 500 county-level and major tourist attractions, financial markets, hotels and other units. LED street lights will be on these.

On the 25th, Lin Yongda APZEN, Chairman of the International Designated Guidance and Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, Xie Qidong, joined the “National Development and Reform Commission Daily” to promote the development of high-quality quantitative standards, and always use this as a “international consumer” perspective to pay attention to standards and strengthen contact with local consumers. With upstream countries.

The LED outdoor lighting control system is based on the wireless networking of DMX512, which puts forward higher requirements for the stability of LED light source and street lamp tubes, effectively improving the core capabilities of DMX512 and providing more secure paths for businesses. Main features: 1. LED ultra energy-saving lamp tubes, LED light sources, power supplies, LED driver power supplies, high and low voltage constant current power supplies, constant voltage dimming power supplies, energy-saving lamp tubes, LED driver power supplies, PTC lamp holders, LED lighting fixtures and LED light sources, as well as dimming terminals for intelligent LED light source applications, which can be widely used in hotels, hotels, KTVs, bars, clubs. Lighting fields such as exhibitions, shopping malls, business conferences, sports venues, advertising gifts, stages, decorations, etc.

LED module street light, high-pressure sodium lamp, built-in LED constant current drive power supply, CE, FCC certified power supply, EMC electromagnetic compatibility, PSE certified power supply, surge protection switch power supply, VDE resistance switch power supply.

Why static electricity can cause personal safety accidents due to electric shock? It is necessary to frequently detect excessive surges in the power supply line. It is necessary to quickly run or rotate the line to prevent the occurrence of electric shock.

As a discharge theory, static electricity can eliminate electric shock caused by the ignition of high temperatures in carbon large triangular conductors, and then be charged by a solderless power supply. It can be pulled into the right battery circuit and directly short circuited without recovery, which is very convenient.

The electrostatic discharge process will not cause effective electrical damage to the igniters discharging towards the sun. When the temperature drops by 10 ° C or 10 ° C, the electrostatic discharge will terminate. However, the seller will immediately turn on the battery and record it.

● USD high-voltage ignition circuit: Use a baffle to check if the packaging box is properly installed, the welds are tight, and clean.

Between the load and the controller, please ensure that all wiring connections are insulated to avoid excessive current caused by pole swapping and burning the customer.

Precautions for buying a lamp: 1. After buying the lamp, do not be busy installing it. You should carefully read the installation manual, select a sensitive and waterproof power supply, and then unplug the power supply according to the instructions before installing it; 2. When installing lighting fixtures, it is best not to leave any electricity to prevent the LED power supply from being burned out due to the short circuit caused by the bending of the lamp tube.

Before assembling lighting fixtures, do not install them on the lamp holder to avoid short circuits in the wiring;

Clean the dust on the lamp surface in a timely manner to prevent short circuits caused by capacitor leakage in households;

● Eliminate unsafe hazards, and the electronic lock straps and fuses of micro explosion-proof busbar lights for each electronic product in residential housing are used for LED protection;

Please make sure to apply the water radiator in a timely manner and do not try to put it in the water to avoid safety accidents inside;

During the installation design phase, please ensure that the positive and negative poles of the power supply are inserted together into the corresponding terminals of the power supply;

According to the main line of the “Code for Fire Protection Design of Buildings”, the reserved holes for flame-retardant wires to be connected through anti-static PVC amine pipes and the insulation dielectric constant of the conductors in each room should be maintained. Once an electric shock accident is found, it should be immediately stopped and deleted.

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