These skills in the hospitality lighting industry should be mastered

How to estimate these skills in the hospitality lighting industry should be mastered. We should know how to determine the interior construction time and decoration time of a house, to master the different lighting sources and the reasonable combination of light colors, which are important methods for people to estimate.

Regarding the mainstream lighting fixtures currently available on the market, the external layout and color selection should be based on the overall decoration style, electrical configuration, and convenience for construction. After the inspection is completed, the other two sides of the power supply should be considered.

According to a typical banquet hall, the cost of a metal halide lamp exceeds one hundred yuan per hour, and it takes more than a year to use multiple bulbs. The top of the banquet hall is arranged with multiple layers of ceiling hanging layers, which can meet the requirement of insufficient floor height, but will shorten the floor height, resulting in insufficient floor height. If there is a slight deviation in the large crystal chandelier, it is very inconvenient for maintenance. And some areas can also be replaced with high-power LED lights.

Hotels are usually divided into business type and tourist vacation type. Business type hotels are usually located in economically developed cities, and the reception desk is also an important part. Generally speaking, non commercial hotels may be equipped with conference equipment and facilities such as reception areas, kitchens, and conference halls. Due to limited space, Wuxi Citizen Leisure Club is the largest leisure area.

The large-scale lighting of public places is not limited to their public rest areas. Therefore, how to make it quiet, such as the sound reinforcement system, should generally not be illuminated on the audience seat due to interference, and non residential lighting fixtures should not be illuminated on the audience seat. The design should have the distance between the minimum illumination and the average illumination. The most obvious feature of hotel private room lighting is that it follows the decoration requirements and is casually scattered with luxurious lighting designs. If combined with the red decoration of a grand banquet, it will appear majestic and understated, which can create good taste while also making indoor lighting and lighting more fresh and bright.

In any case, in order to truly rest and relax, it is necessary to install lights. Generally, only places where one can sit are available. The normal use of the sound system is necessary to quickly pull out the light and light, in order to elevate the specified effect. hospitality lighting should not be overwhelming, and every light source should be equipped with lights because choosing a safe and guaranteed lighting source is not a problem. The most subtle changes in hospitality lighting usually depend on the effect, so other factors, especially functionality, need to be considered.

Chandeliers refer to the use of special processing techniques, expensive straight tube materials, and the use of micro light conductive materials to hang the lampshade inside the house. Then, the transparent acrylic material of the transparent acrylic material is sucked into the lampshade. When in contact with the LED point light source, the LED light source is a white lampshade, but when in contact with the LED point light source, the lampshade often experiences refraction and short circuit phenomenon. Using Japanese COB lenses, you will feel the LED lampshade instantly lit, and adjust the angle to focus on the design and production of the LED point light column

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