Are there few orders for custom lighting, making it the main challenge for enterprises?

Are there few orders for custom lighting, making it the main challenge for enterprises? If it is a new style with a focus on full color home furnishings/fashion stores, the product will enter a brand new market. In addition to creativity/individuality, there are many opportunities to interact with foreign Baite fashion. For example, during the Beijing exhibition, Han Dai directly pasted a series of famous shoes/cabinet handles and lighting accessories to meet users’ daily needs, thereby achieving their own personalized needs; We can also connect creativity with products, such as Korean magnetic absorption lights, track lights, etc., which are mainstream products in the intelligent multi era.

Of course, intelligence is not only the maintenance of a system, but also has network capacity and is synonymous with intelligence. It is difficult for users to believe that their life is in a world of smart homes. As long as you have a perfect splicing, of course, you hope to make home decoration simple and warm.

The original intention of intelligence: If you live at a smart terminal, you may not have to worry too much. Intelligentization is an intelligent voice system used for internal home use, which can be connected to door locks, sensors, voice control panels, etc., achieving large-scale application of the entire intelligent home system.

Audiovisual products: projectors, projectors, massage equipment, video recording equipment, broadcasting equipment, LED large screens, mobile power supplies.

After understanding what the future of smart homes will be and what needs it, family members will determine several essential export areas for home appliances. This industry is a popular development field, a means of saving people with high-tech, and a true field of intelligent manufacturing.

With the increasing attention paid to topics such as health and eye care, consumers’ attention to health has no longer been carried out, and their purchases on topics such as health and eye care have become increasingly vague. More and more people are demanding the use of a new lighting product, while reducing lighting consumption, focusing on the comfort of light, improving people’s visual perception, and improving spatial emotions. Meilang’s AIMAXRC not only solves the current intelligent lighting solution, but also allows for arbitrary design of lighting fixture structures and additional indoor and material designs, playing a better role in hiding and secondary flexible design. Therefore, the market share of this type of lighting product is also as high as A.

According to this matter, intelligent lighting, as the name suggests, refers to the research and development, production, and sales of intelligent lighting products, and even the development form of an intelligent lighting industry, such as the selection, installation, selection, and design of lighting fixtures. There are also smart lighting designs for home use, such as smart home displays for lighting places, key lighting displays, and more interesting and personalized designs compared to non lighting. Major lighting manufacturers both domestically and internationally have developed mature solutions for intelligent environmental protection and lighting experiences.

By 2025, there will still be a significant improvement in the global intelligent lighting market, with the number of intelligent manufacturing bases such as Quanyuan, Baidu, University of Science and Technology, Nippon University, Neibo, and other major international ones increasing, and intelligent lighting entering the ordinary people.

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