Are you still following the old path in the hospitality lighting industry?

At the Amazon Exploration Exhibition in the United States, lighting manufacturers have separated the performance and quality of Shenzhen city floor lamps from the correct test reports, no matter where they are. The lamp tube is easy to carry when squeezed, but in 2018, due to the sudden disappearance of chip size and heat dissipation technology, the larger current and heat dissipation area have greatly increased.

Outdoor LED lighting medical institutions in the United States have the longest lifespan in outdoor testing, such as cold storage facilities in buildings or hospitals, activity venues, sports squares, parks, sports squares, sports parks, caves, parking lots, basements, driver’s cabins, and other places. This lamp has the characteristics of high luminous efficiency, energy-saving, long service life, and pollution-free.

LED point light sources and LED grid lights have a strong position in the development cycle, and have broad prospects for the application of outdoor LED tubes. The light tube is installed in a chip manner and is mainly used for LED phosphor photosynthesis to supplement local lighting, late surface light, color, monochrome, KT LED light sources and more indoor environments.

LED patch light strip, also known as LED soft light strip, LED silicone, LED light strip, LED silicone neon light, LED eight claw light strip, LED neon light, flexible light strip, LED advertising shaped light strip, one or two columns, the actual voltage can be deep groove 10V. Ensure that the size of the guardrail used is 500mm.

When LED light tubes are connected in parallel, the connection method between the insulation layer of the driving core and the light tube is connected in series.

In order to improve safety and power facilities, LED lighting fixtures must be made of copper with a copper content of no more than 4%, and of course, do not include the foundation. 5: LED lamps with strong UV resistance are used without ultraviolet radiation.

For lamps such as 024W, a transformer is required, as the problem with this part of the transformer is usually not flameproof or burnt.

If the 024W and other light tubes only accommodate traditional switch buttons, there is no need to connect the traditional switch network and the plastic panel of the lighting tube with the firefly, as its light weight and large heat dissipation limit the service life of the light bulb.

If the internal coating is arbitrarily increased, the conduction of heat energy will inevitably aggravate the secondary heat dissipation of LED tubes, ultimately leading to the light decay of LED tubes.

The thermal resistance and heat dissipation caused by temperature changes are not significant, but it is precisely the innovative development of LED tube light sources that exhibit high efficiency and energy conservation at different temperatures and 45 ° CRI tube manufacturing technology that leads to their products having excellent light efficiency and high optical density packaging dimensions. Due to the combination of different light source units, many unit lights are overlapped and placed in a single lamp, which can alleviate the adverse effects of energy saving, low efficiency, and high-power point light source heat dissipation in production lines, The heat dissipation area of the high-power point light source module is at least 10 ° C/200 ° C, which is relatively more effective.

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