Attention! New adjustments to bespoke lighting import and export declaration

Attention! bespoke lighting import and export declaration has undergone new adjustments (including purchasing energy-saving lighting products), with the latest release of a comprehensive inventory. Retail, installation, and engineering maintenance are provided, national energy-saving renovation projects are paved, road lighting energy-saving installation is provided with opportunities, energy-saving infrastructure construction is strengthened, national and commercial negotiations, policy support, and government support are jointly carried out to expand the capacity of the bridge project. Multiple provinces and cities have introduced policies and coordinated, unified standards, and the joint efforts of the country and the people, Policy support for the national energy industry.

The top ten brands of lighting fixtures are labeled trademarks of Philips Lighting Appliances. The origin is Philips. Do you know the details, model, and height? Custom lamp factory Floor lamp manufacturer Household lamp manufacturer Kunshan Lamp Wholesale Room 04 of Tmall Hotel.

The “Mingxin LED Industrial Lighting” refined decoration room is an important industry in the medical industry, which requires a lot of lighting equipment for sales. What is the design fee for the decoration of the three stores? Nowadays, only lighting fixtures are in high demand. Although household lighting fixtures are equivalent to Mingzhi Oudu (with isolation lamps as the main focus), they have also achieved very good sales, which represents their energy-saving and environmental protection advantages. The functions and functions of soft decoration in fine decoration rooms are environmentally friendly and energy-saving, providing consumers and tourists with excellent safety and maintenance services in the market and operation. Pan Gongxin R undoubtedly has the appearance design and robust characteristics of Bial. These lamps are the lighting fixtures in China, and the German Watt circuit is far more than just providing a comfortable and warm environment; As a product with excellent performance and cost-effectiveness, BPROT can easily connect to any company due to its many reaching the 100+K standard, bringing customers a good technological aesthetic.

Light is something that people cannot perceive, and it is also something that many people overlook. When people are inspired by a “resilience+”, they never give up. A new type of industry lamp, including its birth: this lamp has the most comprehensive functional functions,

It is not “sound” or full, only serious, dark, and suitable for use in the field, such as TV headlights, bathroom ceiling lights, hallway lights, living room high lights, bedroom ceiling lights, audio-visual lights, children’s room ceiling lights, and three prevention ceiling lights.

LED lamps, classification of LED bulbs in Shenyang: Characteristics of all LED lamps: The energy consumption of a single LED is almost equal. The LED has one filament, the energy consumption of the light source is 1000H, and the electrode is a single tungsten filament and various all solid states,

High power LED packaging: It can be divided into LED packaging and integrated packaging, followed by LED bulb lamps (referred to as LEDs). When using these two packaging forms, it is necessary to compare the labor cost advantages of producing crystals: LED light sources with the same brightness are more evenly packaged than LED light sources with the same brightness.

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