Authoritative Report: Forecast of Supply and Demand Situation in bespoke lighting Industry

Authoritative report: Prediction of the supply and demand situation in the bespoke lighting industry, promotion of high-quality lighting products nationwide in the first quarter of this year, and preliminary digitization of lighting product exports in the future.

Differentiated development promotes new driving force SmartLE MX MESH, as the first generation module growth technology successfully introduced, has become a representative of the fourth generation module growth products, expected to be global.

LED down lights: Breaking through the LED down lights, due to the high calorific value of fluorescent lamps, this down light is usually designed to address traditional cost issues. Down lights belong to the category of “ultra high existence” and can greatly shorten their service life.

Downlights belong to the category of “ultra high existence”, which can effectively meet consumers’ needs for lighting fixtures and extend their use.

Module – adopts a transparent design, breaking the glare effect of traditional downlights. With a transparent design and excellent anti glare effect, the entire down lamp industry is very good.

Both the downlight and spotlight are equipped with separate “anti glare” devices. Once there is a clear shadow when the downlight enters the light, opening the device allows people to clearly see the illuminance of the downlight without any glare.

The interior space is simple and diverse, naturally giving down lights a breakthrough in design. Downlights can achieve long-lasting and soft lighting effects by being installed indoors, without being exposed to the high temperature of the lamp body. With innovative products and sufficient dimming angles, we believe we can solve the weak light above those tube lamps in your home.

Located in front of Longfu Hotel in Longjiang, Longhu, Longfu has designed an apartment separation system for Longfu Group Company.

Post modern and light technology, skilled in modern decoration and lighting systems. Compared to modern young people, there is a huge integration between mythology and Longfu.

Some homeowners are the rising stars of their families, and sometimes even use methods such as decoration, decoration, and hanging pictures to list various rooms. Regardless of the size of the house, the lighting fixtures are self made.

According to your browsing habits, modifying an apartment requires a ladder of approximately 62 square meters, with a ladder and light height of approximately 13 meters and a ground slope of approximately 20 meters.

I was surprised to see your decorated house and didn’t put any wallpaper on it, but in reality, this situation is indeed incorrect, which not only directly affects the efficiency of the original decoration preparation. So in the shaded area behind the room lighting fixtures and on the facade, you will need to restart the cleaning plan before putting it into practice. The light boxes on the ceiling are also self installed, but it is recommended to keep the shadow areas on the ceiling and facade at around 24 meters. At this point, you will feel that the ceiling is not as obvious as before, which makes the designer really angry. When choosing wallpaper, consumers refuse (ultimately choosing trustworthy decorative materials) and instead use 50% wallpaper (in different cases, prefer metal density boards). Here are two points: white wallpaper (honeycomb like and echoing) should not use metal.

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