Banquet Chandelier

Banquet Hall Chandeliers

Banquet hall chandeliers are lamps that provide both illumination and decoration. Whether it is a business banquet, a social banquet, or a wedding banquet, the right lighting and lamps will effectively enhance the atmosphere of the banquet. No banquet hall decor is complete without gorgeous light fixtures. Banquet hall chandeliers can be selected or designed according to the style, size and height of the banquet hall.

In terms of materials for banquet hall chandeliers, crystal lamps are the most popular, because the colorful luster of crystal cannot be replaced by any other material. In recent years, the style of crystal combined with electroplated stainless steel and gold has also become popular, which is more suitable for banquet halls for wedding banquets. In order to cooperate with the indoor lighting and space design, in addition to the on-site investigation of the ceiling height, air conditioning, and sprinkler system, the lighting layout design also takes into account the calculation of each space such as circuit circuit planning, current intensity, and illuminance.

In the same banquet hall, the chandelier, wall lamp, table lamp and floor lamp should preferably adopt the same style; the banquet hall chandelier also adopts the same style. The position of the chandelier is set every 2 meters or so, and the position of the chandelier can also be adjusted according to the position of the banquet hall table. Location. location design. We are a professional banquet hall chandelier manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us!

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