bespoke lighting companies with high production standards

bespoke lighting companies with high production standards, also known as high-light dedicated lighting fixtures, are referred to as high-light or high-space use models (F further improved) with symbols. Luminaires that reflect high luminous flux can generate a sense of omni light by using a point light source, projecting a beam of light, and combining this light effect distribution.

● Light efficiency, high light efficiency light sources are all high-pressure sodium lamps, combined with the use of UV-C W gate, which can achieve time controlled switching of lights. Compared to traditional light sources, it has the following advantages.

The high display indicator light body has superior mechanical strength and can bear the function of uniform light spot. Each size and light spot device should be neat.

High functional features that can achieve the same optical effect under the same conditions. And targeted design, in addition to relying on the size of the beam intensity to minimize light field overflow, is also sufficient to effectively improve the light environment conditions.

CREE LED has high light efficiency and can be applied to road lighting, such as coffee shops, shopping malls, bars, display windows, theaters, exhibitions, museums, etc.

The high-definition indicator light body adopts a simple white color, with multiple beam angles available, to design a more outstanding light sense and present a perfect light sense.

Dimming is linearly adjustable from 0 to 10 ° in time, while conventional 0 to 10 ° is linearly adjustable. The hall is divided into two spaces: north and south.

The design concept of matte night lights: reshape a flat surface with lights, add the shape of light on the ground, highlight the curved and illuminated walls, and highlight the hidden feeling of side lights.

The device’s light shower can reach a height of 10 liters or below, with an illumination height of ≥ 40 meters.

The design of matte night lights follows a design philosophy of over a decade, with periodic changes that allow people to enter a state of self rest and make our sensory experience more comfortable.

▲ Clear shooting at a color temperature of 2200K: Shining on the lamp is pure and natural, interpreting the natural “essence of light and shadow”, giving you a sufficient experience.

▲ The living balcony creates a comfortable and integrated light, and the principle is that space interacts with light, with a bed/pair of teacher paper. The balcony owner puts on a padded cream style carpet, and a pair of shoes with special effects

The TV background wall has created a unique interactive form, with the suspended space and the light of cut chrysanthemums, creating a classic audio-visual heritage.

▲ The entire wall of the house provides a clear view, extending the entire living space with a unified, exquisite and comfortable visual experience.

▲ The original wood is white, and the floor lamp in a straight line shape creates a simple and natural space arc. The wardrobe design reduces seasonal changes and assists the sofa in better operation. It is a lightweight living accessory.

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