bespoke lighting distributors with high production standards

bespoke lighting distributors with high production standards can meet the needs of the enterprise. Efficient bespoke lighting agents can provide efficient bespoke lighting agents for new product lines, thereby quickly upgrading the entire lighting market and becoming responsible distributors for the LED lighting market. This high level of uniformity has led to our company’s focus on efficient new product lines, which can enhance the long-term partner of Coside’s “efficient bespoke lighting agents” Ashla and provide deep market accumulation for new product lines, And can provide long-term cooperation for new product lines.

Analyze the current market situation for new product line suppliers, collaborate with peers, and meet market demands together. Comore’s new product line service organization will provide bespoke lighting fixtures for this new product, providing support for four major categories of lighting fixture design, development, and production services.

Moore obtained a sorting that can be achieved through semi establishment. The construction of a dual system, with disconnected and disconnected connections, extends or provides customers with a complete and ideal product line that meets their needs.

Based on the actual measurement results used, the designed instrument distribution error and the percentage of displacement present, and the working time of the measuring instrument is 24 hours (001T).

List the simulated values one by one, and adjust the direction and size of each series of instruments according to the direction of the instrument current and Class (20HF) and 01% (Class) degrees when the entire machine is installed in the distribution cabinet position.

Calculate the product of the system voltage based on the parameter line. Exchange the power cabinet with the power box and determine the required load position; Reasonable configuration of the input and output horizontal lines and the square line position of the horizontal lines for the three-phase metering device.

Calculate the load product (of/maximum) × Minimum), determine the capacity line of each device and the corresponding total capacity line (total capacity) of each device;

Calculate the voltage at the single end of the load and on the circuit, and determine the quantity line for the battery and light supply; 2. Calculate the quantity line for the single end of the load and the battery; Calculate the power ratio of each group according to the capacity line provided by the battery to the battery and the output time of the lamp;

Calculate the voltage between each device and charge the battery according to the battery. Input terminal of each charger. Calculate the current between each/group; Lead–acid battery or battery.

● Confirm the overall parameters of all equipment. Decide which type of light source to use for solar street lighting, what lighting method, etc.

For example, with the help of a light source, street lamp holders can achieve automatic air sensing control. Energy saving lamps cater to the environment according to their own characteristics, and are not affected by factors such as weight, obstacles, and scenic limitations. Outdoor lighting in Jiangsu Province.

Our company is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise that integrates research and development, design, production, manufacturing, sales, and service. We are committed to developing an expert oriented enterprise that has been established for 20 years.

The solar street lamps produced by the company are calibrated according to the road lighting standards. Based on the specifications and standards of lamp caps, lamp poles, lamp caps, and flanges, and considering the use of international photovoltaic street lamps, we organize production technology innovation, strengthen production capacity, and control the cost of raw materials.

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