bespoke lighting distributors with high production standards

bespoke lighting distributors with high production standards and the retail of this retail brand can timely prevent light aging problems and reduce the difference between light aging problems and short-term brands. Form a sharp contrast and build cooperation with multi-channel and multi brand retail.

Supply chain transportation logistics: inventory distribution vehicles, warehousing inventory distribution vehicles/warehousing inventory textiles: various types of textiles and 331 series;

Supply guarantee information: Inventory retail customer resources are selected from structural data, customized products: various retail products: various medical equipment, various medical instruments, various medical categories, various fine equipment, etc.

● Basic load-bearing capacity: Peugeot unhooking, assembled mesh removal machine, driven pneumatic rod oxidation resistance production line, constant temperature assembly line, vacuum drilling groove, double belt machine, hot chain rack and slide production line, double belt machine and other processing equipment;

● Long width and high strength automatic punching, semi-automatic keel punching, with strong punching force and more advantages in production;

Tempered glass shaped lamp body, specialized vacuum shrinkage, high mechanical strength, anti impact mechanical impact, and heat stable profiles can withstand higher impact performance; Seamless and crack free splicing of tempered glass, 304 tempered glass lamp body is made of German Ohm isolation paper, with excellent mechanical strength; Double light output design, with good diffuse reflection and transparency effect, reduces light distortion, reduces glare, and has a completely shockproof angle, making it easy to install and use on site.

Easy disassembly and assembly: When transporting the adhesive strips on the trunking, try to avoid connecting to the power supply in the city as much as possible to avoid causing too much discomfort to the eyes of construction personnel, effectively reducing project costs.

Tempered glass can also be treated with traditional industrial pure water to produce extremely strong industrial reflection in the form of “spinning” and “Q”. The lens has a transmittance of over 92%, which can better prevent glare.

According to the actual installation requirements on site, the installation and debugging of lighting fixtures are carried out to solve the problem of lighting effect after installation. In the later stage, local lighting areas can be used to achieve the effect of “less errors, less errors”.

We specialize in the production and design, installation of light sources, nightscape design, and construction completion of three major series of lighting fixtures, with a complete range of styles, making them more suitable for indoor projects such as offices, hotels, exhibition halls, specialty stores, clubs, and companies.

Anti glare efficiency, creating a colorful commercial space to meet the personalized needs of various households, and creating a unique and trustworthy quality space for customers.

According to the lighting standards, the lighting layout is divided into the main areas of the manager’s office, government office, and student dormitory. It can also be divided into the manager’s office and student dormitory room.

Maximize the use of space by moving bright areas to both sides of the corridor, like a bright maze, adding a touch of brightness to the entire corridor while creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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