Brass Chandelier

Brass Chandeliers

All dangling brass lamps are classified as full brass chandeliers. The main materials of brass chandeliers are copper and brass. The characteristics of all-copper chandeliers are: good texture, high appreciation value and high collection value, generally with the main trend of European brass lamps. With the emergence of modern civilization, lamps are no longer a simple lighting function, but are mostly decorative. The brass lamps are often used as decorations with lighting functions in luxury places.

The advantages of brass chandeliers are: the texture of brass has a noble texture, and other materials cannot be completely imitated by electroplating and spraying; copper is not easy to oxidize and can maintain its best condition for a long time.

Disadvantages of copper chandeliers: The material of copper is relatively soft and cannot be used as a load-bearing part. If it is used with a heavier lampshade, attention should be paid to using a lamp arm with sufficient thickness, or adding a layer of material with sufficient load-bearing capacity to the lamp arm; Brass lamp- the cost is relatively high. If the budget is insufficient, the brass -colored stainless steel material can be considered as an alternative. We are a professional brass chandelier manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!