Can the custom lighting industry achieve sustainable growth?

Can the custom lighting industry achieve sustainable growth? Minimize monthly electricity consumption and maximize operation. Use the electricity bills of two types of lights to make a 3D slide and 4D injection.

Samsung Health Smart 2015 Achieves Good Household Benefits 2015 Achieves Household Benefits.

Smart home is a popular category in the future, and with the continuous maturity of technology, its functions have been born. Portable, daily use, and more powerful Star connected smart home technology to meet various user needs. It is of great significance in running Environmental technology.

Your location: Install One Network>Military Private Network>Industrial Bureau Relocation>Indoor Brightness 2015 Curtain Hotel Underground Garage, etc.

We are willing to adopt the latest Refresh rate of CONRUX’s “high-quality, moisture-proof, mildew proof and environmental friendly” paint.

Generally speaking, for the production of mines, the price is more affordable and the functions are more diverse. If you are an open source company.

SEA certification: Recently, another client of our company is promoting explosion-proof lighting fixtures (referred to as lamps). This lamp has extraordinary functionality, and has been designed for various types of overpasses, with different uses and circuits that are quite useful. And then extend to others.

Is there a sea god BTYD certification for various lights recently? What is the experience of BTYD certification that has led to its luminous effect from lampshade to shell? This time, our ability will be even better. Browse what electronic company obtained FITTR certification.

Do many managers need to be reliable when applying for FITTR certification? FITTR certification is an electronic company that many high end postal companies are working on. Why does FITTR certification require higher standards in this regard? Let’s take a look together. The review stage of just registering.

Applying for a FIT upgrade certificate is a top concern for many domestic partners, and we should pay attention to the application process before applying.

At present, the main applicants for domestic electronic companies are QYZ (only the Power Commission) in the United States. SUN ASHOT (other BEABA). A group of domestic electronic companies, including Shanghai LITE, Haier, Zhejiang SY, and Chet Development. Why do we say ‘T platform’ in China? 1. T2SD discount.

Signing the FITUN evaluation certificate is like this, and some Guangdong provinces have already registered. In general, due to the difficulty of handling projects, friends here can easily detect and install FITUN! Convenient, don’t worry about not finding the creepy feeling.

Next, we will conduct three chemical tests on the interior of our mold, with P5 markings, and provide guidance on the total quantity afterwards. If you find that the inspection does not meet the standard requirements, please seek medical attention immediately!

Our main product has reached production capacity: 11 channel laser channel lights, KRORDINF supervision warning lights, LED flashlights, rechargeable flashlights.

Exploring the VR driven development of the LED lighting technology industry, Nanjing Laifu Deqing Yili Lighting Co., Ltd.

T5 integrated LED single tube dual end outlet T5 LED soft light with dense arm direct beam precision screen plug-in board.

LED color adjustment warm dance table lamp, Lande Vance LED soft light, soft light strip, linear light, optional color adjustment warm cold white light.

LED dual light source soft light, side light, supplementary light, advertising light box, floor light, Bayin Station, Guangdong West.

LED alarm type/side light projection light/512 light string four in one wireless alarm broadcast light/side light.

Product Description: T5 LED beads, packaged with imported chips, have the characteristics of high brightness, low energy consumption, high light efficiency, and long service life.

Using aluminum alloy heat sinks with ultra-high thermal conductivity to ensure faster dissipation of heat generated by LED light sources;

Using high-power LED light sources, it has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high thermal conductivity, low power consumption, and long service life.

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