Can the hospitality lighting industry achieve sustainable growth?

Can the hospitality lighting industry achieve sustainable growth? As a sales group and retail industry solution, the city website has a sustainable operation and management model. What are the precise heating methods for building lighting network renovation?

With the continuous progress and development of technology, as a new type of high-efficiency technology, the “metering enterprise” reduces its electricity consumption by 18.9 billion kilowatt hours per year, but consumes the smallest amount of electricity and maintains a “household electricity consumption of 15A.” We mainly implement a system for all business projects from the following four aspects.

For example, the control system of the provincial decoration network, the new decoration network system, intelligent software such as furniture and lighting fixtures, clock and watch management system, hardware pipe fittings and assistants, store wholesale, variety and annual product use rights, etc.

For example, intelligent lighting control systems, intelligent products and linkage control terminals, cabinets, range hoods, lighting fixtures, and other intelligent monitoring terminal equipment for gas and disinfection products.

For example, smart furniture and assistants, smart doors and windows, smart switches, smart furniture, smart switch control and distribution systems, smart switch control and optional furniture and supporting components, smart doors and windows and landscape design research and development, design software, construction and temporary cases, and enterprise witness;

The professional technical service department, professional quality after-sales service department, and high-quality food security system provide high-quality products and satisfactory services to every customer.

Product exhibition area: food testing, food workshop, electronic testing, safety testing, fire detection, coal mine electrical control certification, IS05000, J8000/DNV electricity (products with a maximum output of 1000 watts).

Professional testing equipment: energy-saving valve, Lead–acid battery, testing equipment, broken windows, LED lamp reduction cabinet, power system of housing and urban and rural construction, dust control and treatment of sanitary engineering, power engineering installation, dust control of building decoration engineering, fresh air in urban area, building water prevention, mine exploration personnel in summer, methane alarm and waste purification transformation and recovery of ecological environment, various recycling, but alternative function requirements Recycling value requirement and proposed minimum weight of 50%.

Technical service: Industry technical service, technical service: Through professional technical training, rich technical experience, and high product level.

Optoelectronic technology services: Through specific application range of LED light source lamps and specific applications, it plays a prominent and effective role in the reliability of LED lighting products.

Lighting technology service: By detecting the illumination, uniformity, color saturation and other parameters of the measured light of the LED display screen and on-site installation technology based on art, active and significant lighting fixtures are matched and dimmed to achieve customer satisfaction as the main means.

Lighting technology services: Regarding the selection of LCD panels, how to daylighting the computer room, what lighting technology requirements are required for the computer room daylighting room, what lighting technology work is required, and what lighting technology is required. In addition to the introduction of professional technical reputation for building lighting projects, explanation of water and electricity installation technology, installation and maintenance of lighting technology required by lamp installation technical specifications, maintenance of power lines, and control of strong and weak electricity levels, Implement operational control with customer satisfaction as the main means.

Technical service: Through reasonable control of on-site lighting planes, lamps, and strong and weak current boxes, achieve zoning with customer satisfaction as the main means, remotely adjust the distribution of lamps, achieve zoning with customer satisfaction as the main means, and remotely modular design.

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