15 years fouce on producing a good lamp

By incorporating decorative ceiling lamps, you can accentuate and uplift the flexibility of various color shades and accessories for your house.  Adjustable decorative ceiling lights  will render a stylish and chic look to your bedroom due to their balance and compact size. If you’ve ceilings in subtle colors such as white or pink, floral chandeliers will work best. The choice of ceiling lights largely depends on your particular needs and the space area of your house. If you still cannot find good dining room ceiling lights, have a look at ANC lighting company! Ceiling lamp is our main product.

ANC has strong market competitiveness with a strong and professional technician team as our backup force. The research and development team strives to increase LEDs color rendering index, increasing LEDs power efficiency as well as reduce production cost. It could be delivered fast based on the production capacity of 3,000 pcs per month.The product produces little infrared light and closes to no UV emissions. Because of this, it is highly perfect for users to apply it to UV-sensitive objects. 

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