Changes in consumer trends in the custom lighting industry

custom lighting industry consumption trend changes – LED display screen updates classic lighting dark patterns – museum lighting Mingrui lighting control constant prevention lighting technology.

Intelligent lighting design: Use an intelligent lighting control system to achieve daily lighting and landscape lighting, and save electricity.

Intelligent lighting control system: According to budget, in key areas such as dimming and color adjustment, group control, etc., it can be achieved to switch from traditional lighting applications to single lamp dimming and color adjustment, and from traditional lighting applications to switching from ordinary lighting applications to intelligent lighting dimming and color adjustment.

Intelligent lighting control system: Based on the budget requirements and the various benefits of intelligent lighting control modules, customize the intelligent lighting control system, from customers’ lighting needs to system solutions and intelligent solutions,

Intelligent lighting system: equipment address: Beijing Tianjin Chongqing Hebei Shanxi Inner Mongolia Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang Shanghai Jiangxi Tianjin Hubei Shaanxi Shanghai Sichuan Tianjin Xinjiang Tibet Yunnan Tibet Shaanxi Gansu Qinghai Ningxia Xinjiang Hong Kong Macao attic chandelier Weifang.

● Entrance and exit control, allocating lighting according to the scene. By adjusting the lighting according to the scene, the scene effect is supplemented. The system automatically turns on and off. To cover the lighting environment of various areas.

Control content: The main control panel, therefore the auxiliary cabinet is powered on to achieve switching between the two. When the cabinet door is opened, the scene lights automatically switch and illuminate from top to bottom angles.

Control content: Equipped with fire button, the button outside the cabinet can automatically open all equipment. Door bell style, etc.

The operation panel is designed to facilitate management by providing a “small instant response” function for family dining.

● Display effect: The atmosphere automatically responds, and external adjustments can be made to adjust the seating instructions of the exhibition cabinets as needed, replacing them with TV conversion decorations.

The microphone detection function can be set, and after receiving the microphone, the device can be directly connected to start working; Support changes in panel indicator lights to protect the microphone’s long service life; Different opening methods can also be set.

Emergency contact information: Bluetooth communication module/communication module model: E-4T 1955 communication module adapter.

Drawing attachment: Strong activation memory card, data acquisition layer, encoder image function, 64 versions, all size information pixels.

Recording mode: Stay up-to-date with real-time video of daytime and nighttime devices, one click alarm function, and remote control to receive device videos.

Provide a position, detection position, and time distance of 3S for the camera lens for monitoring, and display the equipment situation in real-time.

Real time transmission of device information: control the installation of cameras, receive antennas to send to any terminal, and receive antennas to connect to any terminal.

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