Characteristics, Barriers, Life Cycle, and Development Trends of custom lighting Industry

In recent years, with the increasing awareness of green and healthy lighting among people, the development of the lighting field has shown a trend of counter trend growth. The field of electrical lighting has already embarked on the layout of the Roman Road, and the branching of lighting technology in domestic lighting, transportation, national defense and other fields has further strengthened, which is the key to the lighting field.

With the improvement of living standards, people’s demand for green and healthy lighting has also surged. The changes in brightness, luminous angle, and color range of various lighting sources are the cornerstone of the development of LED lighting technology. Today we will talk about some comprehensive lighting technical indicators such as LED darkness and color temperature.

Firstly, investigate and study the relationship between the setting and natural light intensity, forming an unnatural spectral light that varies through various technologies such as sensory perception, transmission, and illumination.

Its definition is to achieve control effect by using RGB (regulation technology) to control the LED indicator light to emit light, or by making it difficult for a computer to control the LED indicator light to achieve main control. At present, an intelligent controller has been developed that can independently adjust the color, color, and brightness of the light. They can achieve preset consistency based on various application possibilities and directional changes.

Its main function is to redistribute all visual conditions required for LED or LED light sources. Allocate LED or two main controls for both based on the main lighting method required. The controller is accurate in size, reliable in performance, and has touchscreen, advanced, and uniform performance. According to the plan, it has excellent verticality and levelness. It solves the side Luminous efficacy required by different directions, and also solves the need for light independent of the environment.

The fixed installation method has changed the connection between multiple light sources. The proactive saving of resource waste and energy consumption has been decided that the LED light source market, regardless of its form, cannot always replace its goals, and due to the lack of sustainable energy development, it is necessary to provide energy and good configuration.

Solar street lamps are street lamps that use solar energy to generate electricity. It uses solar energy to generate electricity, but it needs to consider the addition of batteries to the natural environment of the sky. In addition to the need for wind and electricity, it is necessary to rely on solar power generation and control the power grid. It controls the power generation system.

Solved the cultivation of multiple light sources, direct radiation hazards in addition to radiation factors, and design issues. There has been a significant improvement in luminous efficiency, light output characteristics, economy, reliability, and other aspects of over 50 degrees.

Compared with the promotion of LED street lights in previous years, the current LED lighting is soft and has obvious social effects. By collecting the temperature rise of the room, it can reduce the frequent use or replacement of light sources. However, LED light sources have a significant advantage in covering a wider area. It can cover a wider range of areas, such as residential streetlights, square lighting, construction sites, and other harsh environments.

Low power consumption and low operating costs: LED light sources with the same power save more than 80% energy compared to traditional light sources, such as a 2000 meter bridge LED street light and a 10W LED light source. The price of LED light sources is much lower than that of LED light sources with the same power.

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