Check out the latest trends in custom lighting industry here!

Check out the latest trends in custom lighting industry here! Let’s take a look together! Desktop lamp, geometry book. Ada marketing, office series products, school owned industry solutions, educational products.

Mil laser accessories, BGA-C series four door refrigerators, mini refrigerators, leisure room series products,

Mils sending equipment, BGA-M computer bags, and laboratory research and development hope to be managed uniformly through the origin street store.

Scene Lighting Exhibition Report Other Lighting Designers ☆! At the end of last month, there was an online exhibition dedicated to the offline activity season with good original design at Longevince.

86 panel lights, anti fog blue soft light strip, LED controller, wire controlled color changing light strip, conventional LED display screen, outdoor LED single screen, dual color, double-sided LED large screen, remote control, adjustable narrow brightness in variable landscape areas, adjustable transition narrow brightness in special areas, intelligent and vivid experience of special field colors, etc.

Outdoor lighting fixtures COB downlights, horticultural tent light racks, building floodlighting, solar powered lights.

LED panel light, LED backlight down light, 86 type LED panel light installation, ceiling recessed light, wall light, embedded down light.

LED panel light isolation wide voltage isolator, power transformer, high-voltage grid power supply, DC power supply, module.

LED down light illumination grid light strip embedded circular down light hospital corridor ceiling hole light pendant light.

LED panel light recessed soft light strip, replaceable for 8W, 12W, 15W, 18W, 24W, remote control, light panel, and bracket.

LED energy-saving lights will soon begin mass production, with huge potential in the independent lighting market. Compared with traditional lighting products, LED lamps have energy-saving, environmental protection, color rendering, and reliability. However, the energy-saving and light fading speed of LED lamps is slower, and the energy waste caused by them has been significantly reduced compared to traditional lighting products. This month, Huang Biansen IE just announced a batch of letters from renewable energy companies to assist in the alliance’s 5:1 release and to assist in the next step of release, allowing many companies to create intelligence.

Engineering lighting cases: LED line lights, LED line lights, LED wall washing lights, LED projection lights, LED underground lights, LED mining lights.

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