Check out the latest trends in the hospitality lighting industry here!

Check out the latest trends in the hospitality lighting industry here! The landmark construction project in Wenshui County, Zhuhai has been completed as a national level contract abiding and trustworthy unit.

Zhuhai Xinnuofei – Search Honor Jewelry has signed a business license, and a considerable number of precious and famous enterprises have exceeded 76%. Shi Chenglas invests in Jimo.

Education and training – “Experience on the Entrepreneurship Journey of Children and Adolescents” titled “Eighteen Expectations for the Next Stage of Youth Development Service Employment Work Pay Attention to Me”.

Landscape lighting refers to outdoor lighting projects that have both lighting functions and artistic decoration and environmental beautification functions. Landscape lighting can be divided into road landscape lighting, garden landscape lighting, and park landscape lighting; Outdoor landscape lighting; Landscape lighting in the park;

News trends indicate that the education industry is in a period of emerging market opportunities. Although education and training have passed, their development speed far exceeds the human demand for physical and mental experiences. Therefore, combining classroom lighting fixtures with daily necessities can improve students’ learning outcomes.

Educational lighting, which guides students in purifying and scientifically managing their visual environment, improves classroom lighting levels, enhances students’ material living environment, and reduces the impact of various mercury pollution on the visual environment.

For many years, the Night View of Jinnan Avenue has always adhered to the quality policy of improving “emphasis”, “standards, quality, and focus”, strengthened the construction of the education industry with high-quality products and perfect services, and encouraged the education industry to create modern facilities with “original effect, intelligence, and environmental protection”.

While creating a trend in the education lighting industry, professional education lighting design and enhancing the brand value of education lighting are also accompanied by a large number of electronic salutes and magnets.

Educational lighting, based on a professional technical team. Featuring the characteristics of floodlight technology LED classroom light products.

The design and installation of intelligent lighting systems for the night view of Jinnan Avenue began many years ago, which can meet the various needs of lighting schools and meet educational lighting standards. The Tianjin Southwest Subway.

At present, it can be seen that a large number of electronic gift sharing modes are ensuring the unity of the upper and lower levels of smart campuses. The light source for smart campus management is replaced by ordinary classroom lights. The lighting effect of the renovated classroom is more comprehensive and efficient than before.

While ensuring the overall bright atmosphere of the site, it can make personalized adjustments according to the Functional requirement of the classroom.

All light sources on campus can be adjusted into the classroom. According to the difference between the experimental observation space and the teaching equipment, the lighting system can be replaced or added on time after many years of the night scene of Tianjin Southwest Avenue.

Nowadays, more and more schools are embracing intelligent lighting solutions. The design and renovation of the night scene lights on Tianjin Southwest Avenue have rich lighting effects, making the lighting effect of the entire school very advanced. The school focuses on building a smart and multifunctional school lighting environment.

In order to better meet the lighting needs of most school classrooms, we strive to provide design solutions that can adjust brightness and match and integrate the atmosphere. An intelligent control room light that ensures students meet their lighting quality requirements.

A classroom light is not dazzling, even the best light is not dazzling, but it must not exceed the dense space.

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