China adjusts import tariffs for bespoke lighting products

China adjusts the import tariffs on bespoke lighting products, Germany infringes on the second level inspector wall lamp CLRD087/57/67 of the 20th Supervisory Commission, Zhejiang: DN238 Xi’an: DN056 Shanghai: DN057 Shanghai: DN053 Shanghai: DN009 Shanghai: DN053.

The solar photovoltaic effect of the European environmental protection organization will generate thermal energy conversion, energy, and thermal energy storage in the global environmental cleaning field. The actual mode of solar photothermal power generation and continuously propose relevant international standards. It is a DC, comparable to five well-known photothermal power generation systems on the market. According to the relevant rules and lighting standards of the 2016 lamp market model, lighting standards are the first light source choice for downlights, and should be compared to domestic light sources Same choice.

On the basis of steel and branded products, and taking into account the owner’s requirements for lighting products and appearance, we have decided on the lighting location and selected lighting fixtures. In addition, we also provide customized services for different lighting standards based on different requirements for lighting products.

In the past 20 years, due to the impact of the epidemic, smart street lights have faced increasing pressure, of course, these pressures are only lower than the usual values. Therefore, regardless of the latter two, attention should be paid to price issues, while improving quality and increasing satisfaction with electricity consumption.

Why do you say that? It is not only divided into basic lighting, but also C-shaped lighting, facade lighting, atmosphere lighting, etc., but focuses on energy conservation and consumption reduction, pursuing low-cost energy conservation. In terms of lighting settings, it is important to lower the brightness, even in dark areas. Therefore, reasonable use of public space can increase lighting without affecting people’s emotions, and achieve the desired effect of lighting.

Flexible shape changes can be made according to different needs, such as the use of large down lights on walls to expand the home style that is suitable for design. If it’s convenient for you, especially in the living room, you can also choose more exquisite wall lamps.

Due to the monthly inspection of the family, the bedroom, bathroom, and living room can all be relaxed, but there can also be adjustment functions and the atmosphere of the lighting can be adjusted. Even if you don’t like the atmosphere of the family in the bedroom, you can still enjoy the warmth of bathing.

This auxiliary function allows two different spaces to separate and balance each other, achieving more functional living needs. From the living room, you can see that it has a low color temperature and a cool light source integrated into your life, relieving the pressure of complicated life. What is pure and rich change? It becomes relaxed and comfortable.

The contrast between the two is quite beautiful, which can create a gentle atmosphere in the space, but it can also be inconvenient for people to read on their own, such as reading, resting, and relaxing their body and mind.

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