Conditions for Fraud in hospitality lighting Procurement Contracts

The lighting system software of the Garden and Xishuangbanna Industry Co., Ltd., which constitutes the conditions for fraud in hospitality lighting procurement contracts, is the unified and standard for gardens, indoor spaces, and substrates. Scientific research on the lighting system engineering of roads, squares, roads, walls, patios, lobbies, and outdoor spaces for the construction of gardens. Non dimensional analysis should be conducted on the construction of roads, squares, room columns, signs, surrounding environment, and stiffness environment. The ecological community within the garden, such as trees, building movements, commemorative signs, lawns, shining utensils, and other ancillary products, should also be considered by its links. The control of light should also include the control of power and incandescent lamps. In short, the degree to which light can utilize illumination is essential. The lighting of garden landscapes is driven by natural light energy and is designed using specific devices such as lights, materials, and colors. The driving device is environmentally friendly. The combination of painting, function, and art in lighting creates the design nature of garden environments. The lighting focus of garden landscapes includes natural light, which is necessary for ecological lighting, including artificial light and artificial lighting, as well as lighting for creating and expressing technology. LED technology is carried out by artificial light energy. The lighting of garden landscapes uses light to create a sense of inertia, brightness, and softness in the natural atmosphere. Illuminating the bright scenery, such as the Beijing Bird’s Nest and charming night scene lighting that systematically and artistically guides physical and mental health, is a classic example. The lighting environment is the spiritual power of smart gardens, such as photography studios, shelves, etc. The intelligent lighting control system is also a component of building a new type of building. Multiple combination methods have jointly created superior indoor and outdoor lighting effects, giving the garden landscape the best features. The quality of building lighting achieves high efficiency and energy conservation, while also embodying artistic connotations, providing an independent lighting environment for each facility, while also relieving light hazards in a certain proportion. The scientific light distribution and efficient maintenance of lighting fixtures. The characteristics of lighting fixtures and the key points of ensuring light environment artistic design are efficient environmental protection, reasonable classification, efficient and energy-saving management, intelligent management of lighting, and ocean engineering lighting. The green light environment endows buildings with durability while reducing complexity and intelligence. Metal mats solve the load and disturbance on the ground and its large area, and the luminous height of LED lighting components and the illuminance of LED lighting units The protection grade, luminous angle of view, and Color index Ra>80 are good indicators of building lighting quality. Australia has successfully developed and become an expert in green lighting solutions in the industry, and its annual investment in mold values is trustworthy! New things have long been established. Promotion and application of new products: LED lighting fixtures (including street lights, tunnel lights, landscape lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, buried lights, floodlights, line lights), LED indoor lighting products, LED outdoor lighting series, LED traffic lights, LED drive and control systems, etc.

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