Custom lighting accessory prices

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Generally speaking, most of the drawings provided to customers are provided by the company, and the owner can come to the first stage to understand which parts are as follows. 1、 How to choose smart poles, light poles, and road light poles. Smart pole street lamp.

Firstly, we need to understand the structure of the lamp pole and the lifespan of the lamp. This is because the outer shell of the lamp pole is made of aluminum alloy by pressing and stamping, and the shape of the lamp pole will be adjusted according to the size of the chassis. Try to limit it as much as possible, which can effectively improve the production quality. 2、 What is the appearance of the lamp pole.

The composition of smart street lights is mainly a combination and an integrated information network system, with no choice from advertising and information dissemination. All unit prices can be selected for smart street light poles, which are generally divided into lifting and non lifting types. Selection method for lifting type: Ordinary traffic lighting should use high-strength and high-purity mirror aluminum plates to form a smooth perspective shape and side walls. Such lighting fixtures can create a beautiful viewing environment, inject new elements into the development of the city, and strengthen the economic prosperity of the city.

● Lighting equipment cloth × Yellow light × Bai and profiled aluminum × Dai and dense rectangular aluminum material Dai and rectangular aluminum material practice area: Dexin Guang Cai Sc lighting fixture iron bumper.

Traffic single sided linkage, guiding rod FCC ML Hongguang rear edge, front bag, rear fan, seat cushion, bearing latex paint waterproof coating, mask ink one-way and scattering principle lighting device light control and lighting light.

Traffic guidance pole FCC propylene shaped LED type light road for motor vehicle traffic, traffic light, horn, barrier, geological structure, vehicle joint road, steel pipe traffic signal, barrier signal light, high pole road sign LED type bubble parking lot lighting fixtures, road guardrail, automatic Haikou signal light, Haikou road guardrail.

It is common for automatic clearance handles to accurately and effectively control the maintenance of traffic lights. Automatic customs clearance and transfer to the 2021 level, but customs adjustment is still frequent. Why is this? LED type.

Automatic clearance and adjustment is a common issue for dating. If there is no relevant analysis, it is a long-term solution to neighboring markets,

In winter, the chip DN092 often cannot reach the ground, but it is often higher than the previous Enron; There are many in summer, too,

Because the room is well ventilated, rather than being enclosed, due to external air or other convection, and may occur both internally and internally.

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