custom lighting high-end manufacturing projects require sufficient start-up funds

custom lighting high-end manufacturing projects require sufficient start-up funds, combined with the construction of smart lighting application projects, to achieve entrepreneurial financing; Fixed production lighting; Light color control; Health and fire hazard zones; Once repaired, listed, and chain users urge delivery warnings, intelligent security protection; Intelligent fire zone protection.

Intelligent lighting, capacitor certification. At present, the intelligent lighting certification in the market is also a certification agency for LED lamps. At present, many places in China have received a large number of promotional messages for LED lamps. These types of lamps generally include SGS products, energy-saving lamps, decorative lamps, dimmers, dual color molds, intelligent controllers, switch regulators, and other products. The widely used LED lighting fixtures in China are LED lighting brands. In general, LED lamps are widely used in applications such as LED outdoor lighting, indoor lighting, and outdoor lighting.

Compared with traditional lighting fixtures, LED energy-saving lights have advantages such as energy conservation, high light efficiency, low heat generation, no flicker, and environmental protection, fully reflecting the lighting range required by users. So what are the advantages of LED energy-saving lights?

● Safety: The working voltage of LED is always between 25 volts and 36 volts. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of ordinary incandescent lamps and 1/2 of that of fluorescent tubes.

Long lifespan: LED energy-saving lights are driven by DC and have no flicker (ordinary low-voltage lights refer to low-frequency electrodeless electromagnetic lights with a duration of 05 seconds), with a lifespan 10 times that of ordinary light sources.

● Power saving: The 0-10V of traditional light sources is an AC power source, which is ideal for reducing power consumption, but LEDs are low voltage and difficult to meet energy requirements.

● Light effect is particularly bright: LED light effect is up to 100LM/W, and the Color index of LED is up to 80~150LM/W, there is no stroboscopic, and there is no irritation to eyes.

● Extremely high color temperature: LED light efficiency can reach up to 80LM/W, and the power supply comes from the LED. LED currently has white light and warm white, clearly there is no need to worry about flickering issues.

LED lamps are particularly bright, especially DC HID light sources. The vast majority of domestic LED lighting companies, especially Philips and trading companies, may encounter any imbalance.

Convenient installation: The LED lighting fixtures and power supply come from a constant current power supply design, and currently no other LED lighting fixtures need to be specially designed, which is not affected by LED heat interference. Under the same conditions, it also saves the number of LED lighting fixtures.

As consumers, we first need to understand the effectiveness of LED lighting control. Only by having a clear understanding of the control requirements of LED lighting fixtures, can we know how to choose LED lighting fixtures.

At present, the accuracy of most electronic devices is very high, which leads to the unsafe problem of junction temperature exceeding 85lx in circuit design and cannot be achieved immediately. The current situation where high junction temperature leads to circuit invalidation occurs during the production process.

This is still the 0d limit of the local “analog quantity fixture”. It is only necessary to note that the range of pressure changes required for regional pressure changes is different. Several differential partitions can be added during engineering building design to achieve a large pressure difference parameter storage pressure.

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