custom lighting industry brings three conveniences to ordinary people

The custom lighting industry brings three conveniences to ordinary people! Teenagers: There is a significant gap in the living environment area of young people in China, and their sports and entertainment industries are subject to many restrictions, which are also invisibly restricted internationally. In order for teenagers to enjoy a more comfortable travel experience in outdoor sports, international giants have taken a series of strategic measures, providing detailed explanations and objections.

So, how do you design a new lighting product? There are many types of new lighting products! 1. According to the technology of built-in microchips, the lighting lights emit 11 times more light at the same time. More than 90% -80% energy saving compared to regular car spotlights. He also designed special protection

Intelligent lighting refers to the use of computers, wireless communication data transmission, spread spectrum power carrier communication technology, computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving electrical control technologies to achieve automatic control. For example, the functions he designed include light calculation, control heating, frame swapping, and phase balance. The visual effects are predetermined for the target and benchmark, truly delineating the entire person and their entire process experience. Technical efficacy, customer awareness, and auxiliary X.

The single light controller can adjust the brightness of various IR systems, saving up to 70% energy; Non dimming discharge channel, overall controllable.

Equipped with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which controls the internal dimming of LED lights through PWM signal input.

The single light controller adopts an intelligent lighting control system (without the need to be installed on the power line), which can achieve remote light switch control and also achieve remote positioning of smart homes.

The energy-saving lamp power chip of the intelligent lighting solar intelligent lighting energy system is a constant current PWM (pulse width modulation) that uses an efficient light source to solve the problem of lamp power consumption and save electricity consumption; Customizable intelligent control devices can increase system power consumption.

●/60Hz, powered by low-voltage direct current, the voltage emitted by the product controls the lighting equipment. The product uses Z low-voltage direct current, and in this case, the 3W to 5W conversion power supply can be used for DC constant current or constant voltage dimming. A set of lamps can use 220V mains power (AC Pressure regulator+low-voltage input).

LED light strips, cabinet light strips, crystal light cabinets, ticket plug-in cards, row lights, and smart home lighting series products.

IP67 waterproof flexible COB LED slot cabinet programmable racehorse current limiting LED power supply.

COB cabinet body 9W cabinet light strip cabinet light strip driver programmable running horse current limiting LED power supply.

COB cabinet LED light strip, cabinet light with low voltage linear light strip, surface mounted programmable down light panel light with fan, greenhouse greenhouse, constant current track light, COB cabinet LED light emitting diode, bead mounting, bead projection light, RGBW external control slide color RGB WS2818 seven color star light, with 12V four light adapter, RGBW external control slide color full color SMD50 RGBW full color RGBW 10W RGBW R5Vled light

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