custom lighting industry enters a new cycle and international giants undergo significant changes

The custom lighting industry has entered a new cycle, and the major changes in international giants are one of the trends and accessories of the intelligent lighting era, market, and technology. In recent years, the development of the lighting industry has extended the development of some products.

A domestic lighting enterprise that develops lighting and display product manufacturers to meet the requirements of all export customers. Hongyan has 10 years of brand service. Hongyan is committed to the research, development, production, and after-sales maintenance of lighting and products.

Hongyan, with its fashionable design style, comprehensive product positioning, and after-sales service, has received unanimous praise and trust from domestic and foreign customers.

Hongyan Strategic Partner has been deeply integrating overseas customer resources for 20 years, exploring the establishment of leading lighting enterprise brand connections, working together online and offline to create a more brilliant future for the enterprise!

The original focus is on the production and sales of outdoor lighting products, focusing on providing users with high-quality products and services.

The company has a perfect quality assurance system, and has a structural engineer and a research team of “light and dark archives” with rich years of experience.

Our enterprise; Deeply understand the market direction, grasp value, and continuously create value for customers.

Drilling and multiple utility model patents: Collaborated with multiple high-quality groups abroad and undertaken multiple invention patents.

International certification: ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001:2010 environmental management system certification, ISO45001:2007 to become a national standard certification in the United States.

International quality: safety production license, CCC certification, CQC certification, CE certification, FCC certification.

● International security: ETL, UL certification, ROHS certification, North American ETL certification, UL certification.

● International security: ETL, BRA certification, ROHS certification, US FCC certification, UL certification, Japan PSE certification, EU certification, UK RCC, UL certification, US UKCA certification.

Excellent professional quality: 98% of products are exported to Japan 98% of all types of devices meet the authoritative SE requirements of the European Union.

The built-in frequency converter arranges the components neatly and rotates them vertically to the maximum allowable position, ensuring that the specific contour of the object can be seen.

● Auxiliary integrated power supply: DL-V converter, which can be used by multiple identical or different lift trucks.

Suitable for backlight combinations of networking, FM standard components, DDA communication, LED lights, thyristors, robots, and other products.

Widely used in LED modules, LED car headlights/spotlights/LED light drive power supplies, achieving high accuracy and low light attenuation.

Suitable for transparent or fenced Yicheng Plaza, especially LED street lights. The uniform distribution of light beams not only illuminates brightness, but also effectively protects the safety of drivers.

Internal control is more intelligent: the delay between DL-V or DC 12V achieves high accuracy and meets the needs of different users.

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