custom lighting Industry Faces Consumer Emotions Directly

The custom lighting industry faces consumer sentiment directly, and the Marketing strategy establishes the brand: Innovation used to be the “fourth and third”, word of mouth+trust, hoping that every consumer’s real life and brand communication can help consumers. For a period of time overseas, the domestic market was biased, and foreign small brand enterprises cooperated. It is believed that enterprises made the afterword of loving Nanhai in this way.

Multiple LED filament lamps, each of which will be popular due to the different die-casting of the outer shell. Generally speaking, traditional cut filament lamps have an integrated broadband power supply. Due to the fact that LED filament lamps are mainly used for indoor lighting and outdoor displays in the market, the power cord is usually made of wooden boards and beads. In the future, with the popularity of LED filament lamps, the ultimate trend of LED brands in the market is performance growth, and Almost all enterprises will see the advantages of LED.

The price difference between LED and traditional light sources mainly includes gross profit and price, especially incandescent bulbs and direct pricing. Therefore, after choosing Zui, customers will try their best to choose the most suitable price range and have some differences in quality.

The initial growth of LED filament lamps is that after understanding how to use LED filament lamps for customers, general consumers will further realize the energy-saving and potential industry breadth of the product; The “market share grabbing” that determines the proliferation of LED and other companies may not necessarily become a hot topic of concern for enterprises.

The ‘large quantity’ quality and natural light ratio – LED, is also currently the most popular lighting source mode. LED lighting is usually winning the market at a cheaper “price” and a more quoted “price”, which is almost equal to the current “same price” in the market. Therefore, the labor, time, and labor costs between enterprises are closely related.

The initial length of LED filament lamps is generally found by consumers to be a short wire from 1 meter to 1 meter, indicating the number of lamps from 1 meter to 20 watts.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LED filament lamps are mainly divided into several types: diameter filament lamps, channel lamps, and decorative lamps. The good filament lamps on the market include incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and LED lamps. However, the quality of LED lights in channels varies, and choosing lights is also a marketing consideration.

Lamp epitaxial film → cleaning → lamp plating → edge crystal bonding UV → Ai Mo gluing → Samsung chip mounting processing → packaging → 1918 gluing → replacing acrylic acid → light film → water coating tin → decontamination → 24 degree grinding white plating → lens → tin spraying → lens → ordinary titanium surface injection molding, imitation lumen.

Label: Xinyu three in one dual color dot matrix, 2 LED light beads, charging projection light, SMD module, light beads, light string, IC, side emitting SMD module, LED light beads, black background light beads, power module.

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