custom lighting industry follows a natural and sustainable direction

The custom lighting industry follows the natural and sustainable direction. Commercial lighting provides dimming and color adjustment products to enhance product performance, reduce glare, and regularly or cross border. It can be designed according to customer requirements, with a maximum feature of over 300 units, creating a comfortable and happy consumption environment.

Focusing on lighting design, serving customers, building a brand with independent intellectual property rights, and possessing independent intellectual property rights.

The core value of lighting solutions is our long-standing pursuit, providing all services from one lamp to multiple lamps.

● Under low glare, starting time, and distance between lamp positions, depending on the length of the road and the projection distance of the lamps, the light should not be extinguished.

● Service life: When customers use lamps, they should accurately grasp the specifications and projection methods of the installation holes and lamp caps of the lamps to ensure their firmness and reliability.

Smart streetlights refer to the installation of various sensors and sensing devices on streetlights, utilizing Internet and Internet of Things technology to make streetlights an important carrier of smart cities and an important entry point for smart cities. Smart street lights have intelligent controllers that remotely and automatically adjust brightness, actively detect brightness and position. They can automatically adjust and adjust the lighting time, improve the traffic factors of smart street lights, change the state of the road, and improve the traffic speed of smart street lights.

As an important infrastructure of smart cities, smart street lights collect and publish more and more application data to carriers, achieving communication technology based on IoT, with the help of or remote monitoring data. As a smart city infrastructure service provider, its positioning is to access relevant platforms, vigorously promote interaction with users, and establish an interactive exchange platform for information sharing.

Smart street lights can also achieve the “time difference and latitude and longitude” of street lights. For example, the morning sunshine time is from 7:00 to 14:00. Until 9:00:30 pm and arrive at 7:00 pm. Therefore, by collecting data, people’s devices can be automatically turned on according to their behavioral requirements. At the same time, it can also automatically control the opening and closing of street lights based on people’s behavior, which is the working principle of smart street lights.

Usually, high pole lamps refer to a new type of lighting device composed of a steel conical lamp pole and a high-power combination lamp holder that is over 15 meters tall. It is composed of a lamp head, internal lighting electrical, pole body, and some foundation. The shape of the lamp holder can be determined according to user requirements, surrounding environment, and lighting needs; The internal lighting fixtures are mostly composed of floodlights and floodlights, with NG400 high-pressure sodium lamps as the light source and a lighting radius of up to 60 meters. The rod body is generally a pyramid shaped single body structure, rolled from steel plates, with a height of 15-40 meters, and mostly composed of two to three sections

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