custom lighting industry, increasingly urgent transformation and development

The transformation and development of the custom lighting industry are becoming increasingly urgent. Auto Show Rongguang Lighting is the leader of LED intelligent light panel enterprises, and the industrial development is becoming increasingly orderly. But for entrepreneurs, there are still relatively large opportunities, and they are still somewhat clear about it. In 2017, intelligent light panels were proposed in the direction of innovation from the previous and next generations. Intelligent light panel products are also the most popular intelligent light panel products in the new era, and with the progress of technology, they are becoming more and more popular. Intelligent cars attach great importance to the innovation of automotive components, reducing the number of workers working on automotive components by several times.

But what kind of intelligent car light does it have for the future of the automotive market. A smart light with a smart light surface. Depending on the function, the smart light can be equipped with a speed regulating motor or some solenoid valves. In addition to magnetic sensors, this intelligent light can also be equipped with some solenoid valves. The integration of intelligent car lights with intelligent inductors enables the freedom of interaction for non intelligent car owners. The intelligent height adjustment angle of the car lights makes the car owner more calm. A car lamp can be divided into several lighting modes and can also be dimmed separately. A remote control can be freely controlled with a mouse, and can also be equipped with some decorations or smoke. Two sets of resolution, more accurate brightness adjustment. A design with an exterior design, and the outer shell can also be equipped with some fans, making the function more intelligent. Some intelligent car lights have a more elegant and elegant appearance, with temperature display function. In addition to being equipped with aviation shock absorbers, the body shell also has an automatic deep lift state. A remote control can manually measure speed and quickly adjust brightness, making the interior more spacious. The exterior design of the two sets can be adjusted according to the personality of the vehicle model. The manual remote control can adjust the quantity and brightness quickly based on the function keys of the car lights. The manual remote control can be freely selected through the remote control and triangular bracket. The desk lamp is composed of an interactive bus. Connect the connection box to.

Welcome to purchase! Our company’s products aim to improve the quality and efficiency of the company, and we have provided the following services for self shipment under warranty. Please rest assured. Energy saving lamps in Shandong Province.

>LED floodlight 100W200W Brand: PHILIPS Model: PHILIPS Protection grade: IP65 Luminaire efficiency: 80 °/W Color temperature: 3200/M 10 °/W Color display:>3150 Optional: 110/130 °/W Lamp cap specification: E27 Lamp cap specification: 35mm Input voltage: 220V/AC.

>LED light strip 12v/220v/RGB Brand: PHILIPS Model: LED light strip.

>RGBW floodlight, high-power integrated COB light source: Taiwan wafer/Puri/Philips power: 3150W/400W usage environment. 40 ° C~60 ° C.

>LED integrated COB floodlight 20W10W die-cast aluminum shell with high purity all aluminum shell die-cast lamp cup.

>Low power LED projection light, COB MR16 reflector light, TG0F straight down grille light.

>Outdoor lighting projection lights/floodlights, LED tree lights, LED underwater lights, LED light cups.

LED spotlights, LED vertical spotlights, LED tube spotlights, LED ceiling lights, LED horizontal spotlights, LED side spotlights, LED wall washing lights, LED line lights, LED projection lights, LED landscape lights, LED stadium lighting.

AP5216 constant current full bright semi bright 5-100V 1A 9W car flashlight cost-effective solution.

AP5414 08-55 Boost constant voltage WLED solar power drive scheme.

AP4056 42V 1A lithium battery charging management chip with constant current and voltage charging IC.

World Micro wide voltage 9-100V 26A step-down constant current drive IC LED lamp solution.

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