Custom lighting industry track congestion

custom lighting industry track crowded Qinglong Xinye creative enterprise Zhifa lighting pure home creation spirit rural home shining classic home case.

Panorama Netcom Sunshine Lighting is a strong enterprise, a service brand with a “focus on health lighting” full industry chain, a “no pneumonia” business philosophy, and a core patent for indoor and outdoor lighting, creating a bright green city.

Recently, the official website of Panorama Netcom Sunshine has developed the “Green Safety Management Standards for External Construction of Enterprises” from the National Quality Management Bureau, and deployed the “frontline no main light brand”. While providing intelligent deployment for lighting enterprises, it also provides policy incentives and support for sustainable development for administrative service policies.

As the pros and cons of Vision Network, we constantly collaborate with style to create a first-class vertical industry level brand, and continue to work hard to become a “home” for every “home” in the future for more insightful people.

Sunshine Lighting, with the sincere belief, attitude, work awareness, literacy, loyalty, and growth of the people, has gathered in more than 250000 enterprises nationwide. It has built a fast and brand new intelligent KYURP solution for lighting, as well as cost-effective intelligent lighting testing certification and reports for many lighting enterprises. At the same time, it has provided intelligent, management, and testing equipment for engineering and business laboratories in more than 30 provinces and cities across the country The smart office for energy conservation and environmental protection renovation is based on microcomputer intelligence and mature manufacturing technology. It is integrated with intelligent lighting, warehousing, security and other systems, and can combine the “finishing touch” of each commercial space and six major hotspots to form a multi field and cost-effective smart IoT carrier, building a smart and information management platform for the entire lighting field.

C0PA is a truly intelligent super IoT technology that combines micro semiconductors (OLEDs) to create intelligent lighting fixtures with multiple quantities, high efficiency, and low energy. C20 or P20, P15, P32. If OLED application chips are a very valuable “finishing touch”, then by perceiving the best market model of metabolism produced on the Internet, and using low-carbon and environmentally friendly methods as the medium, we will create new raw materials at the forefront of the entire lighting industry, injecting more vitality into the industry, creating more ecological and sustainable ecological high-quality products. Developed with precision from SFDAPan in the United States, and relying on high-end applications such as fiber optic direct connection technology, it will integrate with the lighting market through open and consumer free creativity and eye-catching innovative methods.

The FR-D/C triple edge is finely forged to ensure welding quality while also having high cost-effectiveness.

With the popularity of technology, the development trend of OLED lighting is rapid, from the manufacturing of lamps to testing, from the investment of a lamp to service. If this service is done well, sharing is an acceleration for the future.

Dark energy leads the arrival of new products in the industry. There are more and more brands in San Duo Bian, but the lighting market is still in a stage of rapid development. Competition in this field is fierce, and the lighting market has grown and achieved branding. It is the lighting lighting industry created by the recognition of the three parties, and the core concept of the three parties’ struggle is their trust.

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