custom lighting Industry’s Adversity and Growth Path

Why are smart lighting customized fixtures so popular in the adversity and growth path of the custom lighting industry? Kovos JOT65 LED outdoor lighting smart street light intelligent chip, with multiple styles showcasing that compared to traditional LED street lights, Kovos J high-quality lamp body is irreplaceable. The integrated heat dissipation traditional LED street light, 160W LED street light with driving power supply, and non split power with driving power supply increase the heat dissipation area, protect the electrical circuit, and bring dual insulation, solving the instability of LED current.

Why are smart street lights so popular? 1. The LED lamps use the fourth generation green light source, and the true 365 energy-saving meter (LED) has low energy consumption, high brightness, and energy savings of over 50% compared to equivalent power lamps. 2. LED lamps have automatic control function, which can achieve a combination of intelligent and energy-saving LED lamps. They can not only light up and emit bright signals, but also adjust and reduce operating costs. 3. Tunnel lights.

With the gradual promotion of smart cities, LED lighting fixtures are gradually opening up the market. The manufacturers of LED street lights in the market are now uneven, and the prices of LED street lights are also high and low. How can we distinguish the products produced by these manufacturers? 1. LED landscape lamp manufacturers can invest in the design of urban night lighting and demonstrate their unique style.

The service scope of Xuzhou Lighting Consultant of Suzhou Lighting Company includes: professional lighting manufacturers, technologies for producing LED lighting luminaires, and formulation of lighting engineering construction

Garden landscape lighting LED lighting manufacturers no longer directly display products with artistic indicators. Therefore, we can use LED lighting fixtures to decorate and design the garden, as well as illuminate the night, adding a touch of mystery and beauty to the later garden environment. In summary, the quality level of LED lighting fixtures in the current market varies

For a long time, thousands of people have become a new idea, and we have a deep understanding of the “above” lighting in Kunming. For over a decade, we have always focused on effect design,

Building lighting is a type of urban brilliance project. The Xi’an Lighting Lighting Project must have the following points to choose a lighting designer who specializes in lighting.

How to install the lighting fixtures under the cabinet in the restaurant. The embedded decorative lighting on the ceiling of the restaurant has a unique lighting function. Only one light should be turned on in the restaurant, but it cannot be used as local lighting. Urgent to eat [check details].

Many people often blindly design this lamp not particularly beautiful, but it has a high cost-effectiveness. The 9001 14001 9001 HS 14001 001 created by the author is 270 square.

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