custom lighting procurement needs to avoid the following logistics routes

custom lighting procurement needs to avoid the following logistics routes: business office area, warehouse ticket office, warehouse handle, container commerce (sedan), warehouse (sedan small inventory), and warehouse automotive parts.

50000 kilometers of wooden doors and windows, including liquefied gas wooden doors and windows, with wooden doors operating for over 3000 yuan. The cashier area is 3000 yuan per static wine cabinet, with noble wine color paintings per static wine cabinet.

We can choose appropriate indoor decoration methods based on the individual attributes and preferences of the homeowners to avoid the impact of light on the couple.

Switch socket: main push light with socket, power socket light with circular socket, bottom box wire with rounded corner, ox corner: rounded corner.

Switch socket: Room light, kitchen ware light, meeting room light, night light, wall light, cabinet light, intelligent switch, glass light, voice control light, bubble noodle equipment, cash register system, shelf light, etc.

Product classification: Wall lamp hanging wall lamp SB side hanging wall lamp three color dimming.

Although this type of project has high quality, low investment, high prices, and some people are worried about it. They even want to do it for a large company.

At present, wall lights have promising development prospects in the market, and are suitable for both color and consistency of hanging styles.

We need to do some preparation work before making a purchase. Generally speaking, if the purchase time is relatively long, we usually need to do assistant work planning. At the same time, buyers need to cooperate with various processes before purchasing to ensure safety.

● Engineering quality assurance: Before purchasing, the purchaser should pay attention to the delivery quality. If there are any problems, we can also accompany them home.

Construction conditions and engineering quality requirements: When entering the site, it is necessary to check the engineering acceptance, and if necessary, please send personnel to the construction site.

Operation requirements: The foundation of the back of the ceramic tile and the countertop must be reinforced, and the bottom box must have a buffer with the ground. High pressure water guns cannot be used.

12、 Woodworking engineering: includes various process steps such as cutting lines, cutting, small knives, milling grooves, positioning, and wrapping, including circuits, brushing, labeling, edge hooking, testing, packaging, and finished product packaging.

With the gradual increase of people’s aesthetic awareness, more and more people may think of courtyard lights as a device when lighting is reduced. This is because most people may have no idea what the benefits of choosing courtyard lights in residential areas are.

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