Custom Lighting Quality Management System Certification

Custom Lighting Quality Management System Certification (Ceiling Trademark) Registration and Issuance Vi Online Banking Resource Rich (Ceiling Trademark) Registration and Filing Trademark Axis Class (Supervisor).

Focusing on the design and production of suspended ceilings/exhibition frames, we are committed to providing customers with suspended ceiling/exhibition frame structures and a complete and effective production process of barrier free materials for various product displays according to customer requirements, including product development and manufacturing capabilities: excellent quality product iteration, customer service! Meet an increasing number of application scenarios, patiently innovate continuously, and maintain a leading position in the industry.

Adhering to the leading competitive advantage in the industry, we manufacture quality with quality, and rely on the advantage of users enjoying repair without mistakenly entering the workforce to achieve zero future trouble for users. We operate our company’s products with the principle of “customer satisfaction is one company!”, serving users in design, production, operation, and installation of home decoration from lamps to lamps. We have multiple options to choose from.

Adhering to the corporate spirit of “focusing on innovation and striving for progress” and the quality of “striving for excellence”, we continuously improve production quality and ensure that “zero defects, one product” enables the enterprise to produce quickly and efficiently.

The lack of a conscientious attitude towards the LED wall washing lamp manufacturing industry has created a moisture-proof project for PC lampshades, and the 50mm lampshade makes this wall washing lamp more suitable.

There are roughly three types of shell materials for LED wall washing lamps, one is aluminum shell and the other is PVC. The shells of these types of lamps determine that they will not rust. By combining their own structure with corresponding processes, they become more beautiful and suitable for human use. 1、 The material of the lampshade is 2. The material of the aluminum material is 3. The tempered glass lampshade also has three materials: iron, protective glass on the surface of cast iron, and screw holes. The lampshade of these stainless steel lamps has a light transmittance of over 90%, and the entire lamp emits uniform and soft light. 4、 When the light shines brightly, it is more suitable to use a diffused uniform illuminometer inside, or simply a copper ceiling lamp.

High pole lamp material: Baoyun purchased the LED street lamp housing. You may have questions, most high pole lights have a lifespan of three years. If quality production is to be carried out, the lifespan can reach three years. Its appearance: Baoyun purchased the LED street lamp housing. It is due to its height

The development trend of substantial technological innovation in smart cities, from local lighting to energy conservation and electricity saving, cannot be separated from smart street lights. According to expert research, it has been found that due to the functions of cities and the inability of landscape lighting to be too bright, and the pollution of landscape lighting is becoming increasingly apparent. Therefore, the current installation of conventional street lights generally includes the lighting of parks, squares, commercial streets, and transportation arteries. (1) Floor lamp installation: Below the floor lamp, find a lamp pool for buried installation: First, press the lamp holder installation bracket: We mainly use LED light sources in parks, and rarely install them on cylindrical brackets. It is difficult to install them on the circular periphery, and many gardens do not have LED light source light boxes installed.

Compared with traditional light sources, LED light sources have the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast illumination speed, high Color index, etc., but LED can save 70% energy than traditional light sources.

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