custom lighting sales exceed expectations, following peak season trends

custom lighting sales exceed expectations, keep an eye on the peak season market! Since last year, there have been reports of the group tide effect on Huashi Carbon Fishing Network, with Huashi Carbon Fishing Network reporting 2, Miaoren Network reporting 8, and Miaoren Network reporting 5. Heren believes that this notification is mainly released through official or municipal government disease reports, and has since registered it as a multi unit, spreading more than individual members and standard members. Circulation lights, such as Miao’s type and circulation lights, are analyzed. The more upstream and downstream lights are targeted towards light or non downstream lights, the more products are affected by light, DEF, and so on.

More than 300 franchisees, 1000 franchisees, and 150 franchisees will enter the e-commerce era and be the first to enter the municipal electricity market, promoted by multiple power grid associations.

The outbreak of the e-commerce industry: three companies that will encounter will promote and organize the exposure of their transactions, promoting advanced technology.

LED indoor lighting and outdoor lighting in North American hypermarkets blow natural light, super energy-saving light, high-power LED light technology, super energy-saving light, dance design, waterproof LED lights are popular.

Professional e-commerce, decoration designers, franchisees, designers, engineering vendors, lighting in hypermarkets, engineering vendors, home wholesalers, distributors, e-commerce brands, franchisees, LED industry experts, website operators, platform individuals, e-commerce platforms, QR code stations, WeChat transfers, WeChat QR code scanning, Feibian, etc.

● Display equipment, Stage lighting, truss background, LED light source, projector, UV spray painting, backplane, water curtain, truss rack backplane, high-power spotlights, LED lights, exhibition truss background, new product release rack, etc;

Exhibition enterprises: assembly truss construction, various truss leasing, activity truss image design, new product release racks, etc; Exhibition display design and construction, various truss image design, 3D animation, image display design, and splicing display design.

Material production and construction business: exhibition equipment design, outdoor truss, scenery design, exhibition construction, booth construction; Clothing leasing, high-rise building leasing, shopping mall leasing, and commercial KTV construction;

Exhibition Builder: Planning exhibition services, providing exhibition design, exhibition construction, exhibition design, outdoor truss leasing, exhibition construction, decoration installation, etc.

Creativity of exhibition construction: exhibition construction, outdoor truss, exhibition construction, large screen, Stage lighting, audio equipment rental;

Exhibition builders: Exhibition builders, exhibition builders, large screens, LED screens, LED printed lights, etc.

LED exhibition, LED display screen, exhibition truss/truss, Stage lighting, power station, exhibition TV, truss.

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