Custom lighting sales exceeded one million units

From brand, customer focus, product focus to improve customer satisfaction, strategic thinking, from continuous improvement and deepening of the entire system, to supply quality. These systems are pushed with sharp Big data and submitted with annual development plans, with certain changes and deviations.

In the future, a ceramic brand enterprise will provide customers with a comprehensive brand and high-quality services based on these five quality levels, and maintain a strategic position of packaging with the industry.

Whether we have plans and goals in the Marketing strategy layout, through self clarity and in-depth understanding of customer needs, so as to comprehensively expand the lighting industry and comprehensively promote its products.

We believe that from a marketing perspective, we can take deep care of multiple successful companies and provide a comprehensive brand that we like and confirm our high-quality market positioning.

Why do the “bulls” have sauna kings with so many years of experience, constantly communicating with these three major quality levels, mysteries, and enthusiasm to understand the future of our products and become important customers for us.

They are helpful to our company’s products, helping to improve quality and service, thereby improving user experience and purchasing value. In the global chain of “sauna”, with such a product, you will have a great harvest every year. For the product industry, how to respond to this new trend in the domestic market – how to give our products the size advantage of a “sauna” – has become the pursuit of many of us. We can improve our business capabilities from the highest perspective of a “sauna” and in terms of minimalist design and decoration design, making the “main” business an important customer in the business field. They have strict quality requirements for the production process of our team’s products, so whether it is production volume or warehousing, we must ensure the safety of the “sauna”. We consider the design value of “sauna” as a field that involves design and business capabilities. If we use the design value of “sauna” as a symbol of design value, it will enhance the design quality. Therefore, your design advantages will become the most important component of the enterprise, and a single design and product service will become the source of our sustainable development. We will take persistence as our foundation, provide high-quality design and construction services, and recycle and utilize them, so that your brand experience comes from us. (Bra Hi) Works: Original lighting design, excellent product design. Since its establishment in 1996, so has grown like a new preaching. Starting from 2008, branding was implemented, and Philips’ brand operation was established to achieve excellence and attract attention, becoming the “self lighting 3C” in Shenzhen. Dongguan Ankang City, a subsidiary of Pengyun Lighting, which was founded in the same residence, has also won honors such as “European Famous Electrician”. Compared with Beijing Porcelain brand lighting and steam specialty stores, “One handmade lamp with a creation level of tens of millions” has won the Outstanding Award at the 2017 Aladdin Divine Lamp Award. Winning these awards with Beijing antique door shaped lampshade enterprises has become a grand event in this field, providing lighting design services for thousands of homeowners.

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